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LRH Hosts 39th Annual Volunteer Recognition Event

June 3, 2014

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) recently held its 39th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. This year's theme for the dinner was "Volunteers Are Superheroes" - honoring LRH's many dedicated volunteers for their enthusiastic support of the hospital. The rooms were adorned with numerous superhero themed decorations, including posters of famous superheroes, a life-sized Superman and red telephone booth, three-dimensional city skylines with Spiderman and Batman on the rooftops, and homemade posters featuring the faces of LRH volunteers on the bodies of superheroes.

LRH Hosts 39th Annual Volunteer Recognition Event
From left: Ed and Beryl Klahre recipients of the Peg and Gene Clark Award were presented the award by Amy LaSalle, Director of Volunteer Services, and Gene and Caryn Clark.

The appetizers were donated by the combined contributions of over 46 hospital employees and physicians, and the dinner service was prepared by Juergen Spagolla and the Food and Nutrition Department. More than 15 hospital employees and physicians served as wait staff at the event and Henri Wante, along with the Facilities Department, managed the setup and cleanup of the many chairs and tables needed that evening.

Each volunteer received a gift certificate to JAX Jr. Cinemas in downtown Littleton for a free movie ticket, small drink, popcorn and candy of choice. Photos were taken by Gail Clark, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, and Alex Smith from Channel 2 was on hand to videotape the event. Hospital employees Courtney Daniels, Amy Hamel and Chick Jordan helped to distribute the awards.

Following dinner, Amy LaSalle, Volunteer Director, welcomed the volunteers and asked for a moment of silence to remember three deceased volunteers that passed away over this past year. This included Jewel Fogg, the beloved founder of the hospital's Volunteer Department, who donated 841 hours to the program after her retirement. Ella Warren was remembered for 20 years of service and 4,747 hours donated to LRH. Finally, Stan Mittleman was recognized for volunteering from 1988 to 2011 and contributing 3,574 hours to the program. A memorial table was setup at the event in their honor.

Bill Bedor, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the LRH Board of Trustees, started the evening off by offering his sincere gratitude to the volunteers for all of their efforts at LRH. The 245 volunteers donated over 24,000 hours, which is 1,000 more hours than the previous year.

Warren West, CEO of LRH, went on to thank the volunteers and announce numerous statistics about the program, including how the hospital's Complementary Therapy Program offered over 435 sessions of either free music, pet therapy, aromatherapy, massage and/or Reiki treatments to patients. West discussed how the Visiting Volunteers made 1,190 visits to patients as well as loaned out the iPads (as part of the hospital's iPad Lending Program) over 175 times. West also compared the volunteers to superheroes, discussing how they share many similar traits and characteristics, including their willingness to help others while maintaining a strong moral code.

LaSalle then proceeded to award pins for cumulative hours and years of volunteering. Volunteers receiving their 100 hour pins included Brian Bain, Stella Burrington, Patrice Cardoza, Marian Edmunds, Sandra Henry, Linda Holmes, Steve Jordan, Gerry Keenan, David Landon, Jackie Larsen, Syliva LeBlanc, Shelley McCollum, Penny McKeever, Ana Menendez, Chris Murray, Iuliia Perkins, Doug Waites and Don Wharton. 500 hour pins were awarded to Deb Ames, Arleta Baird, Sandra Blodgett, Sister Monica Blais, Rachel Clark, Elizabeth Colligan, Pat Curtis, Patty Howard, George Kirk, Susan Kraabel, Louie Lavoie, Lucy Magoon, Elaine Marshall, Tom Marshall, Ellie Opalinski, David Pelletier, Virginia Phelan, Virginia Raichle, Donald Sebestyen, Emilie Smith, Kathy Somerville, Maggie Starr, Bobbie Terrill and Donna Wright. Receiving 1,000 pins were Candy Black, Nate Carmen, Nancy Collins, Tom Duplissis, Nancy Freenstra, Beryl Klahre, Mary Jane Merritt, Laurie Morgan, Carrie Morrill and Gerald Start. 1500 hour pins were distributed to June Eaton, Jenny Fox, Ray Hopkins, Faye Jennings, Shirley Lewis, Heidi Morrison and Luci Pineault. Receiving their 2,000 hour pin were Priscilla Deane, Jan Kotok and Jane Smalley. 2500 hour pins went to Pat Campbell, Linda Fahey and Nancy MacNeil. Receiving her 4,500 hour pin was Margaret Harrigan.

Receiving their 10 year pins were Alden Crawford, Ray Hopkins, Jan Kotok, Kay Lofgren and Linda Mordhorst. Pat Campbell was awarded with her 20 year pin.

The next group of volunteers receiving awards was for those volunteering 200 to 299 hours over the past year. They included Georgia Brodeur, Shelia Chase, Nancy Collins, Pat Curtis, Tom Duplissis, Guy Harriman, Faye Jennings, Jan Kotok, Reg Laflam, Maryann Langdoc, Sandy Lozeau, Daphne MacDonald, Elaine Marshall, Dr. Richard Monroe, Sandy Monroe, Laurie Morgan, Carrie Morrill, Iuliia Perkins, Virginia Phelan, Karin Ripp and Jean Thompson. Receiving gifts in recognition of donating more than 299 hours over the past year were Sandra Blodgett, Patrice Cardoza, Priscilla Deane, June Eaton, Jenny Fox, Nicole Gulleson, Margaret Harrigan, Beryl Klahre, Louie Lavoie, Shirley Lewis, Mary Jane Merritt, Heidi Morrison, Emilie Smith, Maggie Starr and Donna Wright. Donna also received a gift in recognition of being the volunteer with the most hours over the past year.

Next came the special awards segment of the program that award volunteers based on their similarities to traits and qualities exemplified by certain superheroes. The Wonder Woman Award was given to Maggie Starr and Jeff Howard was presented with the Superman Award. Amy Cowens was the recipient of the Super Girl Award and Aden Mitz received the Robin Award. The Iron Man Award was presented to Tom Marshall and Faye Jennings won the Spider Man Award. The Side Kick Awards were presented to Barbie Beck-Wilczek and her Bernese Mountain Dogs who are part of the Pet Therapy Program at LRH. Laurie Morgan also received a Side Kick Award for all of help with the planning for the Volunteer Recognition Event. The Elixir Award (member of the X-Men team) was given to Beth Ball for her efforts managing the Complementary Therapy Program at LRH. The X-Men Team Award was accepted by Kris van Bergen, Assistant Director of Quality Services, on behalf of the hospital's volunteer Family Support Team. The mission of the Family Support Team is to offer supportive care to family and other loved ones of our patients experiencing unexpected severe illness, critical traumatic injury or sudden, unexpected death.

The final award of the evening was an annual award presented by Gene and Caryn Clark in memory of their parents, Peg and Gene Clark, who were longtime volunteers at LRH. This year's recipients were Ed and Beryl Klahre who received the award because of their dedication to service and the many hours of volunteer time donated to the hospital as well as to their local community.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Littleton Regional Healthcare, please call Amy LaSalle, Volunteer Director, at (603) 444-9207.

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