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LRH Offers New Patient Care Services

February 21, 2018

Littleton, NH - Living with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis or depression is hard. Managing your health care can be stressful, but it does not have to be. Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce a new program to help patients stay on track between provider visits. This program will serve patients in the physician practices and Emergency Department.

LRH Offers New Patient Care Services
From left: Dee Dee Starkey, RN and Patient Care Coordinator; Alyssa Presby, BSN, RN and Manager, Outpatient Case Management; Emily J. Jacobs, MS, MSW and Behavioral Health Counselor

The Case Management Team will make a care plan for each patient. Together, they will set patients' health goals. Each patient's plan will be different. Care plans may include helping patients take meds at the right time and dosage, and keeping track of referrals and testing. Some plans may contain lining up support services in the community. Research shows that patients who are involved in setting their own health goals are more engaged in their health and wellness.

To learn more about this service, call Alyssa Presby, BSN, RN at 603-444-9582. Alyssa is the manager of the Outpatient Case Management Department.

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