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Nurses Week Poster Contest at LRH

May 2, 2018

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Healthcare celebrates National Nurses Week, May 6 - 12, with an incredible display of local student artistry.

Kindergarten through Grade 6 artists from Bethlehem Elementary, Lafayette Regional, Lakeway Elementary, the Landaff Blue School, Lisbon Regional and Whitefield Elementary, were asked to create a poster with the theme "How Do Nurses Help the People in Our Community Stay Healthy and Happy?"

local student artistry
The mail hallway at LRH is full of creative posters.

The hallways at Littleton Regional Healthcare are now full of creative posters made by 269 of these area students. Visitors, patients and the staff at LRH are enjoying the scenes depicted on the artwork, as well as the messages the students have added to their drawings and paintings.

LRH will award three students from each school with ribbons for their exceptional work and will post the winning drawings and paintings on our Facebook page.

Koren Superchi, RNC-OB, MSN, Vice President of Patient Care Services at LRH notes, "Nurses and staff at LRH look forward to the posters each and every year. This contest is very important to everyone at Littleton Regional, particularly the nursing staff, as it encourages young students in the area to think about nursing as a career choice when they grow up. We would like to thank the schools and students who participated recognizing the significance of National Nurses Week and the value that nurses bring to the community."

For more information on Littleton Regional Healthcare, contact Koren Superchi, RNC, MSN, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Littleton Regional Healthcare, 603-444-9268.

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