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October is Medical Librarians and Health Literacy Month

October 17, 2018

Littleton, NH - The Medical Library Association recognizes the work of health sciences librarians each October. The hospital has staffed the Gale Medical Library with a professional librarian since the 1970s. Littleton Hospital named its medical library after Robert Gale, MD, a physician who practiced in Littleton from 1952-1987. This library supports its health professionals by performing literature searches and providing access to high quality information resources to support excellence in health care. Gale Medical Library is an active member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. As a member, the library has access to resources of greater than 7,000 health sciences libraries world- wide.

Health Literacy Month also falls in October. This is a time to raise awareness of the importance of understanding health information. Many studies show that when patients do not understand discharge, home care, or medication instructions, health outcomes decline. To quote Dr. Alice Rocke, General Surgeon at Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH), "Making sure that our patients understand what they need to do once they get home is so important. We want our patients to be successful once they leave the hospital or physician practice. We really encourage our patients and their families to speak right up if any of our instructions don't make sense to them."

LRH would like you to be aware of its Anna Connors Patient & Family Resource Center. It is located within the Gale Medical Library near the hospital's cafeteria. The hospital invites you to visit the Resource Center, where health sciences librarian, Anne Conner, can provide you with health information that is easy to understand. To schedule an appointment, please call 603-444-9564.

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