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Your Medications

Do you wonder why we are always asking you about what medications you take? Studies from the Institute of Medicine show that it's easy to make mistakes with medications. Your safety is very important to your healthcare team at Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH). Helping you make a complete medication list is one way we can help keep you safe. If we know about all the medications you take, we can do our best to ensure that your meds do not harm you.

medication list

We will give you a plastic sleeve to carry your list of medications with you. Each time you get a new medication list put it into the plastic sleeve or put it into your Patient Information folder.

Please keep your medication list with you, in either the folder or the plastic sleeve, and bring it with you each time you have a healthcare visit. This includes doctor visits, Emergency Department visits, and Surgery visits.

You must update your medication list every time you start or stop a medication. You can ask your pharmacy to print a new medication list for you. Put this list into the plastic sleeve or folder. Using one pharmacy is the safest way to keep track of your medications.

Why Is Your Medication List Important?

Your Littleton Regional Healthcare team wants to take the best care of you. For the best care, your doctor must understand you as a person and know what your life is like.

The one thing you can do to help your healthcare team is give an up to date list of all of your medications. Write down or bring all your medications to your doctor's visits, even the ones you buy over the counter. Your doctor needs to know everything you take.

Some Medications May:

It's important to list all of your medications (prescriptions and over the counter), vitamins, herbals, supplements, and creams.

When you list your medications, write down:

Tell your doctor if you are taking a different dosage or a new medication since your last visit.

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