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Littleton Regional Healthcare Performance Reports

Quality is top priority at Littleton Regional Healthcare. We recognize the value and the importance of a commitment to quality in providing cost-effective services and improving patient safety. We publish healthcare quality data as part of our effort to provide the community with meaningful relevant and easily accessible information about the quality of the services and care we provide. LRH uses this data to assess and improve the quality of the care and services we provide.

Good information helps you make good decisions about your health and health care needs. In this section we report quantitative measures of the quality of the care we provide at Littleton Regional Healthcare. These results show you how we measure up compared to national data and accepted care standards.

2nd Quarter 2015 through 1st Quarter 2016 Discharges:

Questions regarding this information can be directed to LRH Quality Services by calling (603) 444-9597 or

Littleton Regional Healthcare Quality of Care: