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Last Updated 6/5/2020

Expanded Testing

LRH has expanded our testing capabilities which allow for wider testing of our community. Expanded testing leads to early intervention and better community surveillance, which are key in controlling the spread of COVID-19. We are currently able to provide COVID-19 testing and Anti-Body testing with a medical provider's order.

How to Receive Testing

Those seeking COVID-19 viral or anti-body testing must obtain prior authorization from their medical provider. This can be done in a couple of ways, you can contact your provider directly or you can call 603-575-6000 to make arrangements for a virtual visit with LRH's Emergency Department. Either of these mechanisms will generate an order for testing.

To complete testing following an order, patients may drive up to the designated testing site located outside of the Main Emergency Department entrance at LRH at their convenience. Testing is available 7 days per week. Upon entering the LRH campus, make a left-hand turn and follow the red drive-up testing signs. We ask that you remain in your vehicle while waiting and during testing.

Pre-op patients arriving for COVID-19 testing should also come to the Main/Emergency Department entrance for drive up sample collection.

Two additional options exist for testing without prior authorization from a medical provider by utilizing the LRH and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care partnership.

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For drive up testing ordered by a provider at LRH, the provider who ordered the testing will notify you of your test results, which may take up to 72 hours.

If you test positive for COVID-19 you will receive detailed instructions about your home care.

If you have received positive COVID-19 test results and do not have a primary care provider, please call us at 603-474-6400 so we can help you manage your care.

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