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Last Updated 7/2/2020

Effective Monday, July 6th, 2020 the Mandatory Screening Checkpoint for LRH's Medical Office Building and Littleton Urgent Care will be open from 5:45am until 6pm Monday through Friday. After 6pm, please report to the Littleton Urgent Care entrance for screening and entrance to the facility. A Littleton Urgent Care staff member will greet you.

The Littleton Urgent Care entrance will continue to be open Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 8pm. There will be no entry through the Medical Office Building permitted during these times.

Please note, screening and masks are still required before entry to the facility.

As we continue to operationalize living with COVID and to provide a supportive environment for our patients, effective Monday, June 29, 2020 we will change our policy on who is allowed to accompany patients in the building. The following categories will be unchanged:

For emergency department, surgery/endoscopy and hospitalized patients we will allow one Essential Caregiver. The Essential Caregivers will follow all screening protocols and will not be tested in order to accompany the patient. As an Essential Caregiver they are able to keep appropriate distances from staff and will be required to wear a mask at all times and staff will be masked.

Drive-Up COVID Testing Sites Adjust Days of Operation to Accommodate Demand

Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care, a New Hampshire based urgent care company, have partnered to make COVID-19 Active Infection and Antibody Testing available to the Littleton and Lincoln/Woodstock areas and surrounding communities. Collaborative efforts between the two organizations have resulted in expanded testing capabilities for the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The two organizations launched the drive-up testing site in Lincoln in early May and expanded their partnership by opening the Littleton site later in the month. Both testing sites have updated days of operation to accommodate the level of demand for testing.

The Littleton testing site, located behind the Littleton Regional Healthcare facility at 600 St. Johnsbury Road, is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9AM - 5PM. Follow signs along St. Johnsbury Road, turning onto Hilltop Road to access the rear of the LRH campus.

The Lincoln testing site, located the Kancamagus Recreation Area at 62 Forest Ridge Drive, is open Tuesday and Thursday, 9AM - 5PM. Follow signs for "COVID Testing".

Urgent Care & Occupational Health Entrance

Urgent Care & Occupational Health entrance to reopen on Saturdays and Sundays only, 9am-8pm. Everyone must continue to use Medical Office Building entrance Monday-Friday, 5:30am-8pm.

Resuming Care

In alignment with the State of New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services and the New Hampshire Hospital Association, LRH has begun the first phase of operations to resume our complete line of services that you rely on for your family's healthcare.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation at a local, state, and national level and make adjustments to our operations when necessary. This pandemic has created an ever-changing environment with new discoveries and recommendations being made every day. Safety is our number one priority and we evaluate every decision very carefully to ensure we are acting responsibly and in the best interest of our staff, patients, and community.

Postponing routine medical care and delaying chronic disease maintenance can lead to increased risk of complications and worsening conditions.

Our physician practices are open and can provide both in person care and virtual visits for patients of all ages and conditions.

We are evaluating surgeries and procedures we initially postponed due to COVID-19 and are beginning to reschedule cases that are time sensitive.

In the case of urgent or emergency health matters, our Urgent Care and Emergency Department continue to be available to meet your healthcare needs safely.

Partnership with CCMD

Littleton Regional Healthcare and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care have partnered together to make COVID-19 testing available to the greater Lincoln/Woodstock area at no cost to patients.
This collaborative effort began Monday, May 11th at the Kancamagus Recreation Area, 62 Forest Ridge Drive, in Lincoln.

Littleton Regional Healthcare and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care have partnered together to make COVID-19 testing available on the LRH campus at no cost to patients.
This collaborative effort began Tuesday, May 26th at LRH.

Expanded Testing Capabilities

LRH is proud to provide COVID-19 testing at no cost to our patients. We continue to offer drive-up testing with your medical provider's order. To receive testing, patients may drive up to the designated testing site located outside of the Main Entrance at LRH at their convenience. Testing is available Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm. Upon entering the LRH campus, make a left-hand turn and follow the red drive-up testing signs. More info →

Mandatory Screening Checkpoints

The Mandatory Screening Checkpoint at the Main Entrance at LRH will have a team member who will greet you for screening upon your arrival.

The Mandatory Screening Checkpoint at the entrance of the Medical Office Building at LRH has been relocated inside the vestibule. A team member will greet you for screening upon your arrival.

Physically Separating Our Facility

Our facilities management team has been hard at work implementing the changes to our campus to ensure everyone's protection. This is done to create physical separation between the Hospital and the Medical Office Building. We have created a separate entrance to the facility to be used exclusively for anyone with COVID 19 symptoms. We have further separated the buildings by erecting a wall to divide the Medical Office Building from the Main Hospital on the ground floor and closing the doors located on the first floor of the Medical Office Building for staff use only.

Our Entrances

Our Main Entrance has been re-opened and will serve at the entrance to the Main Hospital as well as our Emergency Department for the foreseeable future. After completing the mandatory screening, please proceed through the Main Entrance to access the Emergency Department.

The Medical Office Building remains open for entrance to the physician offices after completing the mandatory screening.

The Cafeteria entrance, near Urgent Care, remains closed at this time.

The entrance that was used for our Emergency Department is now serving as the entrance to our Emergency Department Respiratory Treatment Area (ERTA) for any patient with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 seeking care in the Emergency Department, the Physician offices or the Urgent Care.

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