Littleton's Hospital: Preserving Its History.

The 1980s

Littleton Hospital 1980s

Renovations in 1980 provided a new cardiac laboratory, a new pediatric patient room, renovated obstetric and intensive care units, and other modernizations. To keep pace with larger hospitals, Littleton began using the services of a mobile CT scanner which travels to hospitals in New Hampshire on behalf of Hitchcock's Regional Health Services.

External pressures in the 80's exerted an influence on the hospital, with reductions in federal health services funding and the arrival of new payment schedules referred to as Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs). The Hospital expanded its outpatient services, reflecting regulatory efforts to curtail national health care expenditures. By the early 1980s, it became clear that full-time coverage by emergency physicians was needed to staff the growing department. Twenty-four-hour, on-site physician coverage has been the standard since that time.

Mobile CatScan