Nursing at Littleton Hospital: Through the Ages

Remich Home for Nurses Opens

Georgia Laffterty

In 1922, the Remich family made a donation to the hospital that enabled the Board of Trustees to authorize the construction of a larger building to house the students in the School of Nursing. It was built on land adjacent to the hospital and a tunnel was provided for access to the Hospital. When the Remich Home for Nurses was dedicated, Miss Margaret Nicholson, who was originally from Prince Edward Island (PEI), was hired as Superintendent. Miss Nicholson, known as "a most able and efficient head of our hospital," was influential in attracting several young ladies from PEI to attend the Littleton Hospital School of Nursing. One of these students was named Sadie Miller, From Central Lot 16 on Prince Edward Island, Sadie began nurse training at Littleton Hospital on August 22, 1929.

At this time, Miss Nellie Farr became the Supervisor of the School of Nursing, overseeing the management of the Remich House. Miss Farr remained employed at the Remich House until its closure in 1935.

As a result of the economic depression that began in 1933, the hospital board had to reduce expenses. In October of 1935, the Board voted to discontinue the Littleton Hospital School of Nursing. According to the minutes of a Board meeting held at 2:00 PM October 25, 1935, recorded by B. Beattie, Secretary, "The staff of doctors is in favor of discontinuing Littleton Hospital Training School for Nurses if the Superintendent and Board of Trustees agree that such a move is advisable." Littleton Hospital closed the Remich House and discontinued its School of Nursing in the Fall of 1935 to save the cost of fuel during the upcoming winter. Students attending the school were placed in other schools to complete their training. By this time, the Littleton Hospital School of Nursing had trained nearly 200 young women and graduated over 60 nurses.

This file [77 KB pdf] contains a list of the women who trained at Littleton Hospital's Training School for Nurses.

Remich Home for Nurses

1934 Nurse Training School

Nurses' Home

Nurses' Lecture Room

Nurse Students in 1929