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Alpine Spine Center at Littleton Regional Healthcare

Utilizing a team approach, the Alpine Spine Center at LRH specializes in minimally invasive neurosurgery procedures and the treatment of spinal disorders, disc disorders, spinal fractures, and spinal stenosis.

Leaders in Orthopaedics

Specialized Care Close to Home
The Alpine Clinic's sub-specialty approach to care guarantees our patients receive the highly specialized care they need from our skillfully trained medical experts.

General Surgery at Littleton Regional Healthcare

Littleton Regional Healthcare's board-certified general surgeons are specially trained to provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services, with a focus on minimally invasive techniques. Ask your provider for a referral to Surgical Associates at LRH today!

Urological Care for Adults & Children

Dr. Jennifer Lucas of Littleton Urological Associates at Littleton Regional Healthcare is Board-Certified in Urology and specially trained to provide urological care for adult and pediatric patients. Through evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options, including medication or minor surgery, Dr. Lucas provides specialized care close to home.

Don't Delay Your Colonoscopy

Schedule Your Appointment Today! Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and will be diagnosed in one of every 20 people. But here's the good news: Death rates due to colon cancer have been dropping steadily for the past 20 years, thanks to early detection and improved treatment.

Specialty Services Close to Home

Ear, Nose, & Throat • Allergy Medicine • Facial Plastics
We utilize the latest technology to provide advanced medical procedures conveniently available at Littleton Regional Healthcare.

Occupational Health Services at LRH

Littleton Regional Healthcare's Occupational Health Services assists in the health care of businesses, companies, and municipalities in our region through a variety of screenings, evaluations, and consultations.

Matters of the Heart: The Cardiac Lab at LRH

The Cardiac Laboratory at Littleton Regional Healthcare offers a range of cardiac stress procedures such as nuclear cardiac stress tests and stress echo procedures....

COVID-19 Vaccination - 5 things you need to know

Questions & Answers and an explanation of Vaccination Phases

North Country Primary Care is about putting the patients first!

Gary Cassady was looking for a primary care physician who would really listen to him. He found the perfect choice in Dr. Richard McKenzie, a board-certified Family Medicine physician with North Country Primary Care.

The Most Comprehensive Women's Healthcare in the North Country

At Littleton Regional Healthcare's North Country Women's Health, our commitment to women's health runs deep. We understand that a woman's needs are unique, so we treat them that way.

Littleton Urgent Care

Open 7 Days a Week, 9 am - 8 pm
Don't have a doctor or can't wait to see your primary care provider? Visit Littleton Urgent Care for injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening - no appointment necessary. Littleton Urgent Care offers the convenience of urgent care with the support and services of an entire healthcare system.

Littleton Regional Healthcare and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Littleton Regional Healthcare and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center have partnered to make Oncology, Hematology, and Infusion services easily accessible to the North Country of New Hampshire and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We provide high-quality, compassionate care close to home.

"Littleton Regional Healthcare is my #1 choice for managing my Type II Diabetes!" -Joe McQueeney

Thanks to Littleton Regional Healthcare, Joe McQueeney has been successfully managing his Type II Diabetes for more than a decade. "About 11 years ago, I just wasn't feeling right," says Joe. "Because of my job, traveling on the road, I wasn't eating a healthy diet. I had some blood work done and found my A1C was around 6.6." A normal A1C level is below 5.7, a level of 5.7 to 6.4 indicates prediabetes, and a level of 6.5 or more indicates diabetes.

Specialized Otolaryngology & Audiology Care at LRH

North Country Otolaryngology and the Audiology Department at Littleton Regional Healthcare are available to provide the Audiology and ENT care you need. Our team of specialized physicians and advanced practice providers provides high-quality care to both adults and children treating a variety of ear, nose, and throat ailments and assisting in the management of hearing functions and equipment.

Introducing Daniel Underbakke, MD

Dr. Daniel Underbakke, General Surgeon, has joined the Surgical Associates at Littleton Regional Healthcare. Dr. Underbakke is specially trained to provide a range of diagnostic and treatment services, most of which can be done through minimally invasive techniques.

We trust LRH to keep our family safe

When Mira and Ryan Carlaw moved their family from southern New Hampshire to the Littleton area in late May, they needed to change their primary care providers. They talked to several people, who all recommended North Country Primary Care, Littleton Regional Healthcare's designated Rural Health Clinic.

Introducing Kylee Finn, MD
Specializing in Family Medicine

Dr. Kylee Finn,Family Medicine Physician, has joined the team of board-certified physicians at North Country Primary Care, Littleton Regional Healthcare's designated Rural Health Clinic. She cares for both children and adults, providing wellness exams and management of acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Finn is seeing patients ages 12 years and older and is currently accepting new patients.

Living With COVID-19

As Littleton Regional Healthcare looks responsibly to the future, we remain diligent and mission driven to provide quality healthcare to our community, taking active steps to ensure a level of safety for patients and staff that is unprecedented in our hospital's long history.

Smart Options, Smart Decisions

Putting the safety of our patients and staff above all else, Littleton Regional Healthcare continues to do everything we can to ensure safe and essential healthcare, and to reassure our community that we are committed to moving forward together.

With everyone worried about COVID, I found the best hospital to keep me safe!

Even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy Fahlbeck had no worries about her July 10th visit to Littleton Regional Healthcare. Wendy needed two outpatient procedures performed: an esophageal endoscopy and her first colonoscopy.

Extraordinary Measures

Littleton Regional Healthcare is constantly reviewing and refining medical protocols, strengthening patient care policies, educating our patients and providing updated staff training to keep our patients and staff safe at all times.

"Thanks to Dr. Fitzpatrick, I got my life back!"

After years of suffering, Heather Rand (left) was at the end of her rope. "I started having low-grade headaches when I was a young teenager," Heather says. "Then, 14 years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in chronic migraine headaches."

Safe Surgeries during COVID-19

As is true throughout the hospital, several important safety measures have been implemented regarding all surgical services.

"We found a safe and caring place to have our baby."

For Amy and Bob Mancini, Littleton Regional Healthcare holds a special place in their hearts for two very special reasons. Both of their children, James and Ava, were born at the hospital.

Safety is Still #1

As Littleton Regional Healthcare continues to respond and move forward in a responsible manner due to COVID-19, the health and safety of our patients and staff remains our top priority.

Thanks to Dr. Kauffman, my torn ACL is now A-OK!

This past January, Monique Gassek (left) tore the ACL in her right knee when she was skiing. "It was the first run of the day," remembers Monique, who is the head athletic trainer at White Mountains Regional High School. "I hit an icy patch and down I went."

Enhanced Safety

As we re-open and resume important services, several key measures are in place to make our hospital even safer.

Safety is Our Highest Priority

At Littleton Regional Healthcare, we remain committed to enhanced patient care. As we continue to resume scheduled procedures that were initially postponed due to COVID-19, decisions are made with the utmost care of each patient in mind.

We're Open

We are in this national healthcare crisis together. The steps the community is taking to help slow the spread of COVID-19 are working. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with physical distancing during these challenging few months. We are moving forward together and appreciate your continued support.

The Alpine Clinic

Leaders in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Pain Management

Welcome Dr. Jonathan Lamphier

Dr. Jonathan Lamphier, who specializes in Gastroenterology, has joined the medical staff at Littleton Regional Healthcare.

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