Occupational Health

"To Promote, Protect and Assist in the Healthcare of Businesses, Companies and Municipalities in the Communities We Serve"

Occupational Health is a major concern of businesses and companies of every size. With the rising costs of health care, it makes good sense to attract and preserve a healthy work force. Healthier employees can help reduce sick days, doctor's visits and on-the-job accidents. Most importantly, it builds productivity, morale and loyalty.

Littleton Regional Healthcare's Occupational Health Department has professional individuals to offer you a diverse menu of services to ensure your employee health.

We provide a continuum of comprehensive services addressing regulatory, return-to-work, and prevention and wellness needs for employers in the communities we serve.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 12:00, 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Our office is conveniently located on the ground level of the Littleton Regional Healthcare campus. To locate our facility, enter the campus via St. Johnsbury Road and take a right towards the Cafeteria and Medical Office Building. Once inside the building, the Occupational Health Department is located adjacent to the cafeteria. If you need further assistance, a volunteer at the information desk can direct you.

To contact our department, please call (603) 444.9294, email occhealth@lrhcares.org or fax (603) 444.9025.

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