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Littleton Regional Healthcare has an active palliative care team. Palliative Care is active care for people with incurable illness that focuses on holistic quality of life. Team members include physicians, nurses, social workers, pastoral care, care in the garden of lifepharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition and home health services.

Palliative care at LRH is delivered in an integrated fashion alongside standard medical care and is available to any patient struggling with uncontrolled symptoms, challenging decisions, or any end of life issue. Existing members of your medical team are trained and available to provide this care. There is also an official consultation process available to any patient at the request of the patient, physician or another health care team member.

The mission of the Palliative Care Team is: "To provide holistic services to patients who have advanced, incurable illness; to help patients identify their individual goals for the latter stages of their life and align their medical care with those goals; and to improve the quality of life of patients by relieving pain and managing symptoms, thereby helping patients ultimately die with dignity". The palliative care team is available for consultation at the hospital.

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The team is supported by Dartmouth Hitchcock's internationally recognized palliative care team. Any questions can be directed to Carrie Way, RN (603) 259-7762 or Phil Lawson, MD (603) 444-9055.

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