Littleton Regional Healthcare Office

Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds team consists of Facilities Management, Engineering, Clinical Engineering, and Environmental Services.

Facts about our facility:

Facilities Engineering and Environmental Services staff

There are 9 Facilities and 17 Environmental Services staff members, 1 team leader, and a manager. In 2014, each employee was certified in First Aid and CPR/AED training, and as a result, was recognized as the first non clinical organization to accomplish this task. LRH is a leader in the area by reaching the 1 million pound mark in 2014 for recycling. Our customer satisfaction scores are consistently improving due to our focus on employee engagement with patients and hospital rounding.

Community Garden

Littleton Regional Healthcare wants to be a community leader in encouraging individuals and families to eat healthy. Each year, Facilities prepares an 18 plot community garden on hospital property for interested employees and community members to plant and maintain a garden.

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