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Preparing for Your Baby-Prenatal Education

Littleton Regional Healthcare is family centered. We help the expectant family prepare for a new baby by assisting them throughout the various stages of pregnancy and provide support through the challenges of early parenting.

Classes are not based on one particular philosophy, but discuss many stategies to cope with labor including hydrotherapy, relaxation and breathing, and many other strategies to cope with labor. The classes also include early parenting and childcare with a focus on the first few weeks at home.

Pregnant women are welcome to attend classes with their labor support person; women may also come alone.

If you have any questions concerning the courses, please feel free to call the Littleton Regional Healthcare Birth and Parenting Program at (603) 444-9335. Register early as space is limited.

Classes are FREE to those who deliver at our wonderful family centered unit.

Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Series

Newborn Infant

Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting is a series of four (4) classes to begin at approximately the 28th - 32nd week of pregnancy. Classes are designed to guide couples through signs of labor, phases of labor, techniques for coping with labor and birth and basics of infant care including feeding. The class also takes time to explore the adjustments of becoming a new parent. Information about car seats will be included as well as safe sleep/SIDS and infant CPR.

One Day Intensive Saturday Classes: One Day Intensives Offered first to those who live over 40 miles from LRH and then on a first come, first serve basis. A condensed version of the above classes is offered on an as-needed basis.

Sibling Tours: Sibling Tours of the OB unit in the company of a parent helps them to develop an understanding of the birth experience. During the last trimester, call the OB department at (603) 444-9567 to schedule a visit.

Refresher Course: The Refresher Course is a single 2-hour review of the techniques of labor and birth and unexpected outcomes for the families who have given birth before and desire a refresher. If also focuses on the preparation of children for labor, becoming a sibling, and parental adjustments. It is recommended for couples in their last trimester. Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery is included if indicated. Please register in the 5th month of pregnancy. These courses are arranged on an as-needed basis, so please call 603-444-9335 for scheduling.

Newborn Infant

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