Delivering at LRH

The staff at LRH recognizes that labor and the birth of a child is an exciting, life-changing event. At the Sauter Birthing Suite, we invite moms to give birth to their babies in a way that works best for them and their family.

Our private birthing rooms with tubs and showers provide a comfortable environment for labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Dim lighting is available to help create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Moms are welcome to bring their own clothes and music or any other items that will assist them in their labor and delivery.

Private Birthing Room

Moms decide whom they want present during their labor and delivery and share this information with their nurse upon admission. We do not routinely restrict visitors. As long as mom is feeling up to visitors, visitors are welcome.

Baby Care

The mother and/or birth partner may choose to cut the umbilical cord and give the baby's first bath. This person is also welcome to bring his or her own food for nourishment during the hospital stay - there are mini refrigerators in every room.

We encourage skin-to-skin or direct contact between mother and baby for comfort and temperature control immediately after birth. Moms choosing to breastfeed are encouraged do so during this time. The baby is usually weighed within 60 to 90 minutes after birth and that will be done in mom's room.

Comfort Techniques for Labor

Because women's perceptions of labor pain vary, so do their choices about pain management and comfort. Our staff's philosophy is to partner with the woman to enable her to have the labor she envisions, under the safest conditions. We have many options for non-medicated and medicated labor to help women through the process.

A variety of comfort techniques for labor and birth, include:

What to bring to the hospital

We will provide you all the necessary things to care for yourself and your baby while you are here. You simply need to bring clothes to go home in for yourself, an outfit for the baby to go home in, and a car seat.

Please see the Child Passenger Safety page for more information on this.

After Your Baby is Born

ChairYour nurse will check on you and your baby frequently. If you need something, please let one of the nurses know.

We encourage you to feed your baby within the first hours. We will help you get started with this. Try to keep your baby with you as much as possible so that you will be used to holding and caring for your baby before you go home. Your nurse will assist you in learning how to care for your baby while you are here. Please feel free to ask questions.

New moms are invited to enjoy a special Dinner for Two in their room before leaving with their little one.

Before discharge your baby will receive a hearing screening, a cardiac (or heart) screening, a newborn metabolic screening, which is obtained by a small sample of blood from your baby's foot (the state of New Hampshire requires this), and an assessment for newborn jaundice. You will be required to complete the birth certificate worksheet. Upon completion of this, you will receive a parent notice in the mail. In order to obtain an official copy of the baby's birth certificate you will need to go to the town clerks office in the town you live in to request this. If you live in Vermont, you will need to go to the closest New Hampsire Town Clerk.


All of the Maternity Department's internal entrances are secure; all employees use a pass card to enter and visitors are asked to use the red phone, next to the main entrance, to speak with nursing staff prior to entering the department. This enhances privacy and security for patients, their families and our staff.

Delivering at LRH

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