Return to Work

Ergonomics is the applied science of looking at the relationship between the workstation, workplace and the worker to optimize the work environment. Our goal is to fit the workplace to the worker and not the worker to the workplace.

Littleton Regional Rehabilitation offers a variety of ergonomic/return to work programs including:

Workstation Assessment/Worksite Evaluations:

Therapy & Rehabilitation Services:

rehab training

Work Conditioning:

Functional Capacity Evaluations:

More information regarding the return to work programs offered here at Littleton Regional Hospital can be available by contacting the Out-patient Rehabilitation Services department at: 603-838-2800. Often times, there is overlap between the Rehabilitation services and Occupational Health services departments when addressing return to work programs.

If an individual employee or employer would like more information about occupational health services offered at Littleton Regional Hospital please click here to view the Occupational Health department or you can contact them by calling: 603-444-9294.

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