Pediatric Rehabilitation

pediatric rehab

Littleton Regional Hospital Rehabilitation Services provided rehabilitation to children of all ages. Our dedicated team of therapists work to help each child reach their maximum capability.

Birth - 3 years old

Referrals can be in conjunction with or without Northern Family Centered Early Supports and Services based in Conway, NH

3 years +

Referrals made by a physician independently or to supplement school services

Diagnoses include developmental delay or specific orthopedic or neurological impairment.

The evaluation process for a pediatric client incorporates all areas of development to set goals appropriate for the child and family. Goals will be functional and family input is welcome and needed for the best outcomes.

The physical and occupational therapists will work with the child and his/her family to assist with the normal developmental process by facilitating correct movement patterns and introducing new activities and tasks for the child to grow and learn.

Families will be provided with a home exercise program and education needed to continue the progress at home.

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