Your Personal Health Record

Every person is encouraged to maintain a personal health record (PHR). These are beneficial when seeing a new physician and especially helpful if you are caring for another individual (parent, child).

A PHR can be a matter of life and death should a major disaster hit our area and destroy the buildings (physician offices, hospitals, laboratories, etc.) that currently house records of your care (e.g. Katrina).

Your PHR should contain important information about you and your health care such as:

Identification Information: Insurance numbers, your name (including maiden name), date of birth, social security number, address, telephone number, employer name, contact and telephone number, dentist name and telephone number, and any physical identification marks and/or some hair samples.

Problem List: Conditions you have been treated for in the past and currently and any surgeries.

Medication List: Name of medication, dosage, prescribing physician, pharmacy holding your prescription.

Results of Significant Tests: X-ray reports, laboratory results, pathology results, colonoscopies, etc.

History: List of hospitals, physicians and dentists who may have health information about you.


Special Documents: Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy, and/or Advance Directive.

For more information about preparing a PHR go to: This website has sample forms for your use (in English and Spanish) and additional guidance.

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