Anna Connors Patient and Family Online Resource Center

The Anna Connors Patient and Family Resource Center is a place where patients, families, and friends can find just the right health information.

Since the early 1990's, donations from the Connors family to the Littleton Regional Healthcare Auxiliary have made it possible for Gale Medical Library to develop The Connors Collection of consumer health resources. Over the years, the collection has expanded to include topics for men, children, caring for the elderly, and more. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these resources are only available online at this time. Please continue to check back for updates as we undergo this transition and the future of Gale Medical e-Library is determined.


Understanding your health condition is very important. Knowing how to care for yourself once you are home will help you get back to your routines quickly. "Health Literacy" happens when you and your provider "speak the same language". We advise you to ask questions during your visits. If you want to learn more about your condition, visit the Patient and Family Online Resource Center at Gale Medical e-Library.

Gale Medical e-Library also runs two early literacy programs; one in the Sauter Birthing Unit; the other at North Country Pediatrics. Studies show that when a child reads well by third grade, they have the best chance for success in high school, and in all aspects of life (including health). The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages reading to your child from birth onwards.

The Online Resource Center is an excellent source for patients of Littleton Regional Healthcare or people in the community who are looking for good information on a health matter. To learn more, contact Gail Clark, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, at 603-444-9304 or

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