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These videos explain some of the various tests conducted at LRH by our Cardiac Lab staff and your physician. Although different facilities, including LRH, have different routines and procedures, based on your physician's preferences these videos will allow you to view a typical patient experience.

Most Common Procedures

Dobutamine Stress Echo

Excercise Stress Echo
The video shows the "older" protocol using a treadmill, at LRH we use a Bicycle Ergometer Bed which yields better information for the cardiologist.

Exercise Nuclear Stress Test
Known here at LRH as the Exercise mibi, "sestamibi" is the trade name of the isotope we use for our patients.

Dobutamine Nuclear Stess Test (Dobutamine mibi)

Adenosine Nuclear Stress Test

Exercise Treadmill Test - Stress test
Some heart problems are easier to diagnose when your heart is working harder and beating faster than when it's at rest. During stress testing, you exercise (or are given medicine if you are unable to exercise) to make your heart work harder and beat faster while heart tests are performed.

Coronary CTA (cardiac CAT scans)
The CTA test, which uses a special high-tech x-ray scanner aided by dye injected into a small I.V. This entirely noninvasive procedure, which takes less than one minute, produces computerized pictures of the heart arteries.

Tilt Table Test
This test is sometimes used to help determine the cause of fainting spells. You lie on a table that moves from a lying down to an upright position. The change in position can bring on loss of consciousness. The doctor monitors your symptoms, heart rate, EKG, and blood pressure throughout the test. The doctor also may give you a medicine and then monitor your response to the medicine.

Holter Monitor Procedure -Holter monitor
This device records the heart's electrical activity continuously over a 24-hour period.

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