Nursing at Littleton Regional Healthcare

The men and women who serve as Littleton Regional Healthcare nurses make up one of the largest, most vital and most versatile components of the overall healthcare mix. Littleton Regional Healthcare's nurses are a group of caring, dedicated professionals, who are a remarkable combination of knowledge and compassion, serving in front-line roles.

These nurses are passionate about what they do and committed to upholding the highest standards of the nursing profession. They are vital members of interdisciplinary teams, and above all, patient advocates who make a critical difference, delivering individualized, attentive care and acting as liaisons between patient and physician. Patients speak highly of the quality of nursing care they receive at Littleton Regional Healthcare, and families can rest assured knowing that the health and safety of their loved ones are in the best hands.

We believe our nurses are helping to lead our efforts to be the best in every facet of patient care. They are imperative to our mission-to provide quality, compassionate and accessible healthcare in a manner that brings value to all Littleton nurses are knowledgeable and they rely on latest technology along with career-long learning. That's why we are committed to advancing the nursing profession through extensive opportunities for learning that include mentoring, advanced education and our Clinical Advancement Program (CAP).

Clinical Advancement Program for Nursing (CAP)

Designed and implemented by staff nurses, the CAP Program is designed to provide nurses who wish to remain actively involved in direct patient care with the opportunity for professional growth. Advancement will be determined by successfully demonstrating criteria including Professional Development, Clinical Practice, Leadership, Community, and Implementing and Promoting Evidence-Based Practice Models. The staff member's primary job responsibility must be as a staff nurse. Monetary recognition is awarded with annual demonstration of criteria for the level of nurse selected (Clinical Nurse II or III)

Nursing is a wonderfully rewarding profession and Littleton Regional Healthcare is a one-of-a-kind place to be a nurse. We foster a tremendous work environment where nurses love to come to work every day. They are respected, cared for and valued. Littleton nurses also mentor new nurses by encouraging growth through education and by serving as role models for healthcare professionals just entering the profession.

At Littleton Regional Healthcare we are proud of our nurses and our nurses are proud to work here.

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