New Graduate Nurse Program


Littleton Regional Healthcare’s

New Graduate Nurse Transition to Professional Practice Program


Littleton Regional Healthcare is proud to provide new graduate nurses with a robust Transition to Practice program to support you as you develop your professional practice. The mission of the education department is to provide evidence-based educational opportunities, through the use of simulated learning experiences, that supports clinical staff in meeting the unique needs of a rural community. The education department is committed to creating a welcoming, safe learning environment where learners can develop critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills as you apply theory to practice. You will be paired with an experienced nurse mentor to support you in your new role and prepare you to meet the challenges of caring for the complex needs of our patients. The program includes:

- Experienced nurse preceptors to guide your unit orientation

- Skill review sessions to provide “hands-on” practice with important nursing skills including IV placement

- High and Low Fidelity simulations in our SimLab that provide a safe enviorment to practice and refine clinical skill, decision making and prioritization

- Debriefing sessions with other new graduate RNs that encourage and support reflective practice and successful role transition.

Littleton Regional Healthcare nurses are passionate about providing safe quality care that optimizes patient outcomes. Through our Transition to Practice Program, our goal is to share that passion as we support new nurses as they develop their professional practice.

For more information, call the Department of Education at 603-444-9352 or via email at


Last updated: Oct 26, 2020

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