Record Number of Clients Entered a Doorway in January for Help with a Substance Use Disorder

February 14, 2020

NH Department of Health and Human Services
129 Pleasant Street - Hugh Gallen State Office Park
Concord, NH 03301

Concord, NH - Last month, the Doorway-NH set a record and served more than 1,000 New Hampshire residents seeking help with a substance use disorder (SUD), the highest monthly total of clients served since the launch of the Doorways system in January 2019.

"The data released today, showing a record number of clients served last month, shows that the Doorways are having an incredibly positive impact," said Governor Chris Sununu. "In launching the Doorway system, we created a system that serves all communities and provides access to an array of services - from initial evaluation to treatment and recovery programs. The number of people helped by the Doorways in January demonstrates that as the system takes root in communities throughout our state, more and more people are able to get the connections they need to critical treatment and recovery services."

"The Doorways' comprehensive system of care continues to evolve, with more than 8,400 people served at a Doorway in the past 12 months. The data shows positive signs that more people are able to access services," said DHHS Commissioner Lori Shibinette. "By building strong relationships with community providers, the Doorway is helping people affected by addiction and making an impact everywhere in our State. We are grateful that SAMHSA funding has enabled the State to build out a system that helps residents get the help they need close to home."

The Doorway-NH system was launched in January 2019 with funding from the State Opioid Response grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The two-year funding program has delivered almost $50 million to help New Hampshire combat the opioid crisis. The Doorway' is a critical part of the State's plan to expand the availability of SUD services as New Hampshire addresses the opioid crisis.

The State recently announced that in the coming months, Catholic Medical Center will be managing Doorway operations in Manchester and Southern New Hampshire Health will run the Nashua Doorway program. For more information about the Doorway-NH, please visit For more information on the State Opioid Response grant, please visit

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