LRH Hosts 38th Annual Volunteer Recognition Event

June 5, 2019

Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) recently 38th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner
From left: Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sandy Monroe with daughter Lori Lombardi were awarded the Peg & Gene Clark Memorial Award given to a volunteer recognized for outstanding service to the hospital and the community.

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) recently held its 38th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. This year's theme for the dinner was "Where in the World is Charron San Diego" a take on the PBS children's series that taught world geography. The rooms were decorated with travel posters from around the world as well as maps, flags from 30 countries complete with number of miles to each country from LRH. The dinner was prepared by Juergen Spagolla and his staff from the hospital's Food and Nutrition Department and hospital employees, a doctor and a Board of Trustee member served as wait staff. Henri Wante along with his Facilities and Housekeeping staff were thanked for helping to set up and clear the many chairs and tables needed that evening.

Following dinner, Charron Sundman, Volunteer Director, welcomed the volunteers and asked for a moment of silence to remember five volunteers who had passed away over the past year including Edith "Poppy" Clark who had volunteered 1,757 hours over 18 years; Mary Pat McMahon who donated 4,214 hours during her 15 years of volunteering; Joyce Tyler who gave 828 hours during the 4 years she volunteered; Loretta Silver, who volunteered 146 hours over the 2 years she was at LRH; and Barbara Dahl who donated 235 hours during the 7 years she was a substitute cashier in the hospital's gift shop. Flowers for the memorial table that held photos of each volunteer came from the hospital Auxiliary's Garden of Memories.

Each volunteer received a $10 gift certificate to one of ten restaurants in the area that serve ethnic meals. Photos were taken by Amy LaSalle and Laurie Morgan; Alex Smith from local cable TV Channel 2 was on hand to videotape the evening. Hospital employees Donna Driscoll, Lori Lombardi and Amy LaSalle helped to distribute the awards.

Bill Bedor, Vice Chairman of the LRH Board of Trustees, started the evening off with sincere thanks to the volunteers for all that they had given the hospital over the past year. The 232 volunteers donated almost 24,000 hours, which is 3,000 more hours than the year before.

Warren West, CEO of LRH, went on to announce that the 12 licensed complementary therapists had offered free aromatherapy, massage and Reiki treatments to 251 patients over the past year. The Visiting Volunteers had made 1,242 visits to patients as well as loaned out iPads for the day to 53 patients. West then showed a video of Governor Hassan's presentation of the 2013 Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year, which was presented to Charron Sundman, the hospital's volunteer director, on May 14th at the Governor's Conference on Volunteerism. Sundman was recognized for her excellence in leadership and management of volunteers and commended for her dedication and hard work. West spoke about what an honor it was for Sundman, the volunteers and the hospital that she had been recognized. He noted that the volunteer program has had a very positive impact on the hospital's patients and visitors over the past year.

Sundman then proceeded to award pins for cumulative hours and years of volunteering. Volunteers receiving 100 hour pins included Sandra Blodgett, Wilma Bulis, Sue Buteau, Laurie Buxton, Maureen Dexter, Lauren Dill, Joyce Green, Suzanne Holobinko, Amy Landon, Louie Lavoie, Jeff Morgan, Stephanie Moskal, Virginia Phelan, Rita Poland, Mary Ragusa, Emilie Smith and Donna Wright. 500 hour pins were awarded to Dan Chalifour, Nancy Collins, Dan Cullen, Virginia Dickman, Guy Harriman, Jeff Howard, Kay Kerr, Holly Lakey, Maryann Langdoc, Daphne McDonald, Dick Monroe, Camilla Palladino, Karin Ripp, Mary Williams. Receiving 1,000 pins were Georgia Brodeur, Angie Bronson, Alden Crawford, Anne Marie Dell'Anno, Jenny Fox, Maria Hynes, Reg LaFlam, Sandy Lozeau, Wayne Miller, Sandy Monroe, Jean Thompson, Bob Trahan, and Cheryl Whiles. 1500 hour pins were distributed to Priscilla Deane, David Demontigny, and Don Sargent. David Demontigny also received his 2,000 hour pin. 2500 hour pins went to Abel Gonsalves and Helen Quinney; Bill Lockhart received an 8,000 hour pin.

Receiving their 10 year pins were Nancy Feensta, Abel Gonsalves, Ed Klahre, Paul Lehmann, Sandy Monroe, and Gerald Start. Deb Lehmann received her 20 year pin.

The next group of volunteers receiving awards was for those volunteering 200 -249 hours over the past year. They included Karin Ripp, Pat Curtis, Gini Raichle, Sandy Lozeau, Jan Kotok, Daphne McDonald, Emilie Smith, David Pelletier, Laurie Morgan, Wayne Miller, Al Moskal, Maryann Langdoc, Helen Quinney, Donna Wright, Dan Chalifour, Candy Black, Georgia Brodeur and Jean Thompson. Receiving gifts in recognition of donating more than 250 hours over the past year were Don Sargent, Ann Marie Dell'Anno, Abel Gonsalves, Faye Jennings, Nancy MacNeil, Shirley Lewis, June Eaton, Reg LaFlam, Heidi Morrison, Mary Jane Merritt, Nancy Collins, Louie Lavoie, Jenny Fox, Priscilla Deane, Margaret Harrigan, and Bill Lockhart. Holly Lakey received an award for donating 552 hours to organize the hospital's new complementary therapy program and David Demontigny received a gift for the 1,134 hours he donated over the past year in areas throughout the hospital.

The twelve complementary therapists each received gifts to thank them for providing massage therapy, aromatherapy, and Reiki treatments to our patients. Sundman mentioned that the hospital was receiving letters from patients mentioning how wonderful it was to have free complementary therapists as well as musicians coming to their room to play just for them. The therapists recognized included Beth Ball, Brandy Becker, Grace Bigelow, Michelle Devost, Mark Fahlbeck, Tonya Hening, Susan Kurtz, Shelley McCollum, Gail Minor-Babin, Cindy Noyes, Judy Scalley, Debra Simmons and Holly Lakey, coordinator of the program. The musicians will be honored at a special event this summer.

Next came awards given to Alex Lawson, junior volunteer greeter, to Gerald Start and Travis Walker for helping with the hospital's recycling program and to Aden Mitz who has graduated from junior volunteer to adult volunteer. Beth Ball and Ethel Cooper received gas gift cards for travelling the furthest to volunteer at LRH. Reg LaFlam received an award for the volunteer who put the most miles on his car as part of his position as a Lifeline installer for the hospital. Ed Klahre received an award for most bus miles driven because he drove the hospital's Care-a-van and David Demontigny received an award for driving the most on hospital grounds keeping the sidewalks clean in the winter and the grass cut in the summer as well as overseeing our volunteers who handle the recycling and many more helpful tasks.

Volunteers who cover the reception desks during the late afternoons and evenings were acknowledged for their wonderful customer service including Anne Marie Dell'Anno, Luci Pineault, Maureen Dexter, Deb and Paul Lehmann, John Goodrich, Karen Morneau, Rachel Clark, Carole Bogat, Aden Mitz and Alex Lawson.

Continuing with the around the world travel theme, Deb Ames won an award for being the "snowbird" who travelled the furthest away from the North Country this past winter. Four volunteers who were born abroad received gifts including Daphne McDonald from England, Anna Menendez from Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Hasu Dave from India and Cindy Noyes from Spain. Also recognized for significant time spent abroad were Dan Chalifour in England and Jeff Morgan in Bavaria both had been serving in the military and stationed there.

The final award of the evening was an annual award presented by Debi Clark Valentine and Pami Clark King in memory of their parents, Peg and Gene Clark, who were long time volunteers at LRH. This year's recipients were Dr. Richard and Sandy Monroe, who received the award because of their dedication to service and the many hours of volunteer time donated to the hospital as well as to their community.

The evening concluded with Sundman telling the volunteers that no matter how far around the world she might travel, she would never find such an amazing group of volunteers who share their time and talents with LRH. For more information about volunteer opportunities at Littleton Regional Healthcare, please call Volunteer Director, Charron Sundman, at (603) 444-9207.

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