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LRH Trustee, George Brodeur Resigns and Is Remembered

February 18, 2014

George & Georgia BrodeurGeorge & Georgia Brodeur

Littleton, NH - Some people come into our lives and we are never the same. That is the case at Littleton Regional Healthcare, as George Brodeur, long time Trustee, Foundation Board member and member of several building and grounds committees, has resigned from his role as Trustee. He will be missed by everyone at LRH.

Warren West, CEO announced Brodeur's resignation at the hospital's annual meeting in January. Brodeur was first elected to the LRH Board of Trustees I 1997. He stayed on as a Trustee through 2006, serving as Chairman in 2003/2004. He was re-elected to the Board of Trustees in 2010 and has served LRH well during that time.

During Brodeur's tenure as Trustee he worked with three CEO's. George was instrumental in moving the Board forward with the construction of the new LRH campus on St. Johnbsbury Road in 1998. He spent the next two years working with contractors, architects, and the Facilities Planning Committee to ensure everything was right on the construction of the new hospital. Even after opening in 2000, Brodeur worked with hospital administration and contractors to resolve issues with the heating and ventilation system that was not operating properly. Because of his tireless efforts, LRH was able to recoup some of the costs related to the heating and ventilation system, and successfully resolve the issue.

Brodeur was one of the founders of the Littleton Regional Hospital Charitable Foundation established in 2003. He served as a Director of the LRH Charitable Foundation until 2008, and was very actively involved in the annual Dr. Moose Golf Tournament and LRH's Centennial celebration.

Brodeur also served on the Facilities Planning Committee from 1998 until 2010. The Facilities Planning Committee began discussions about a Biomass Plant that saves LRH approximately $400,000 annually in heating and cooling costs. Today the Biomass plant is fully operational, an effort that was initiated by George Brodeur.

During his time off from serving as a Board member Brodeur served as the Owner's Representative for the construction of the 63,000 square foot medical office building expansion that was completed in 2010. Because of Brodeur's expertise in building and design, the medical office building includes the latest in geothermal heating and cooling, which represents a savings of 70% to ensure energy efficiencies and provide a very pleasant place for our patients and their families.

George could be seen at LRH quite often, but so too could his wife Georgia as she serves as one of LRH's 200 dedicated volunteers, and has been for nearly 10 years.

And, we would be remiss not to mention that during the holiday season, children from area pre-schools would have a chance to sit with Santa Claus, because of the kindness of George Brodeur. George and the late Councilor Ray Burton would play the piano and accordion, and sing Christmas carols for everyone at LRH.

"LRH is very fortunate to have such dedicated, kind and caring people willing to help us fulfill our mission to, To provide quality, compassionate and accessible healthcare in a manner that brings value to all, we are grateful for all George Brodeur has done to help," stated Warren West, CEO. "On a personal note, I have enjoyed my relationship with George and look forward to our continued friendship," stated West.

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