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Littleton Regional Healthcare's Helmet Program Promotes Bicycling Safety

July 1, 2014

Littleton, NH, - Littleton Regional Healthcare is, once again, pleased to announce its Bike Helmet Program. Everyone, regardless of age or cycling experience, should wear a bike helmet.

Helmet Safety
Zack and Darcy Horne wear their bike helmets when riding, be sure to wear yours!

This program was developed to help promote bike safety awareness and to offer education and protection to young children and teens up to the age of 18 who come into the LRH Emergency Department with head injuries sustained in bicycle accidents. Littleton Regional Healthcare will provide each of these patients with a bicycle helmet and bicycle safety education. Parents and caregivers will be given helpful tips on how to ensure the proper fit of their child's helmet and how to encourage their child to wear the helmet.

Dori Horne, a graduate of Littleton High School's LNA program and a current staff member at Littleton Regional Healthcare, was instrumental in putting this program together. She currently attends Quinnipiac University and is pursuing a career in healthcare. When asked about the program Dori said, "I was really excited to help with this project and take on more responsibility. Working with Mrs. Gilmore and her staff has taught me endless skills I will use to carry out this project, as well as skills I can bring with me through my college years and career."

"We're thankful to Dori for the excellent work she put into this project, enabling us to offer this program designed to promote bicycle safety. Littleton Regional Healthcare is committed to patient safety and education and welcomes this opportunity to serve our community." states Linda Gilmore, RN, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer.

For more information on Littleton Regional Healthcare, contact Linda Gilmore, RN, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer at 603-444-9280.

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