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LRH's Alisa Judson - Buzzed it Off for Kids

June 26, 2014

Alisa Judson, MA
Alisa Judson, MA at LRH - a warm heart and caring person

Littleton, NH - Alisa Judson, MA at Littleton Regional Hospital joined the 484 men and 288 women, and 213 children who came together to "Buzz It Off" for Kids with Cancer raising a total of $950,000 as of June 8, 2014. This event is unique because participants have to shave their heads to help raise money. All of the funds raised go to pediatric cancer patients and their families being treated at Boston Children's Hospital and The Jimmy Fund. What impressed Alisa the most about being part of this fundraiser is that all of the money raised supports the needs of the kids and their families to support spa days, sports days, birthday and holiday events, room decorations, arts and crafts programs, patient outings, yoga, Reiki and massage therapy for caregivers, toys and games, parking passes, and most importantly financial assistance to families struggling to cover the cost of care for their children.

This comes as no surprise to staff at LRH who know Alisa. Alisa works full time in LRH's North Country Pediatrics and is the proud mother of three children under the age of 7, so it is evident that she is devoted to the health and wellbeing of children. Wendy Mason, Physician Practice Manager of North Country Pediatrics states, "When Alisa announced that she was going to participate in the "Buzz it Off" for Kids for Cancer campaign, we all knew it came straight from the heart. Alisa is one of the most pleasant people to work with. Her devotion to the children at North Country Pediatrics is evident in everything she does. LRH is fortunate to have such a passionate caregiver working with our pediatricians.

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