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LRH Works with CDC Guidelines on Ebola Virus Infection Control

October 20, 2014

Littleton, NH - Like all hospitals across the U.S., Littleton Regional Healthcare's Infection Control personnel have developed a comprehensive plan for caring for patients with suspected symptoms of the Ebola Virus. The plan was developed by the Joint Information Center, Emergency Operations Center, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Littleton Regional Healthcare.

Littleton Regional Healthcare is in compliance with, and following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will continue to provide additional information, as it becomes available from the CDC.

We recognize that early intervention is critical for infection control to protect everyone at LRH. Two questions regarding travel history to high risk areas outside of the US will be asked on all nursing units, in the emergency department, physician practices at LRH and during phone screening by front line staff.

A patient who has high risk travel exposure and exhibits symptoms of Ebola Virus disease will be placed in an isolation room. The isolation room has a private bathroom, and an adjacent room for movement between the two. Care will be provided in a manner that the least number of contacts is encountered, to ensure the safety of everyone at LRH. All contacts will be closely monitored and logged. In order to protect LRH staff, patients and visitors, non-essential staff or visitors will not be allowed to enter the isolation room.

The NH Division of Public Health Services will be notified. If the patient has confirmed high-risk exposure, testing will be conducted, and the state health department will assist with specimen transport. The state, in consultation with the Centers for Disease Control, will assist in guidance for the hospital on all aspects of patient care and management.

According to Meg Amadon, Infection Prevention Coordinator at LRH, "Littleton Regional Healthcare is following the State and National guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone at Littleton Regional Healthcare." Questions related to the Ebola Virus and steps in place at LRH to protect patients, visitors and staff should be directed to (603) 444-9285.

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