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Linda Gilmore Receives Prestigious Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership

October 28, 2014

Littleton, NH - The New Hampshire Nurses Association has selected Linda Gilmore, RN, BSN, CHC, CPHRM and Chief Nursing Officer at Littleton Regional Healthcare to receive the 2014 Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership. The award is given to a leader in the New Hampshire nursing profession who demonstrates outstanding achievement in nursing advocacy, innovation and practice.

Linda Gilmore, RN, BSN, CHC, CPHRM was appointed Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Nursing Officer at LRH in 2008. Since then she has made a substantial impact on nursing care and nursing satisfaction at LRH. Over the years of her career, Gilmore has functioned in many different nursing roles including clinical, bedside care, quality improvement, customer service, nursing leadership and administration. Gilmore was praised by her colleagues for being a true leader whose work ethic, inspiration and passion for nursing make her an asset to Littleton Regional Healthcare and to the New Hampshire nursing community.

The New Hampshire Nurses Association has selected Linda Gilmore, RN, BSN, CHC, CPHRM and Chief Nursing Officer at Littleton Regional Healthcare to receive the 2014 Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership.
From left to right: Kimberly Force, RNC, MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Inpatient Services; Warren West, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer; Carlene Whitcomb, RNC, BSN, MBA, Outpatient Services Director; Koren Superchi, RNC, MSN, Clinical Director Inpatient Services; Linda Gilmore, RN, BSN, CHC, CPHRM, Chief Nursing Officer & Chief Administrative Officer; Riley Vashaw, RN, BSN, Assistant Manager Outpatient Services; Catherine B. Flores, RN, BSN, MN, PhD, Director of Education & Staff Development; Meg Amadon, RN, BSN, CWCN, Infection Prevention and Wound Care Coordinator; Jody Brusseau, BHCA, RAC, CPHM, Case Management & Social Services Department Manager

According to Catherine Flores PhD, RN and Director of Education and Staff Development at LRH, "two words simply describe Linda's communication style with her nursing staff, consistency and inclusion. Since being appointed CNO, Linda instituted quarterly Nursing Forums. The forums are used to trouble-shoot problems with care delivery systems, discuss changes in regulatory processes, and brain storm to identify anticipated barriers to the implementation of improved care delivery systems. These forums have brought about positive changes at LRH including implementation of a formalized nursing preceptorship program for new hires, senior nursing students, and the inclusion of staff nurses in the decision process for hiring. Since these programs have been implemented, retention of bedside nurses at LRH has increased from 79.3 percent to 93.3 percent."

Linda is the consummate leader, not only in nursing but as an inspiration mentor in education and advocacy. When Linda Gilmore assumed the role of CNO at LRH, over 80 percent of nursing staff held an ADN and few of the bedside Medical Surgical nurses held professional certification. Currently, over 30 percent of LRH bedside nurses have achieved nationally recognized certification, 35 percent have completed their BSN and 16 percent hold a higher degree. Ten percent of our current full-time staff nurses are in BSN completion programs and over half of our Medical Surgical nursing staff are board certified. Under Linda's leadership it is now the norm for all staff nurses to have a professional development plan included in their annual performance evaluations.

Linda Gilmore has earned the confidence of her colleagues, hospital administrators, department managers and the hospital board of trustees during her tenure at Littleton Regional Healthcare. Linda's entire clinical management team would agree with her assertion that when a nursing staff is well educated, engaged in addressing care issues, and proficient in skills, the quality of healthcare services improves which results in patient satisfaction at LRH.

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