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June 8, 2015

Kimberly Ennis, RNKimberly Ennis, RN and Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor

Littleton, NH, - Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce that Intensive Care Unit nurse Kimberly Ennis received her State certification as a Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor.

Kim immediately took on a class of six students who attended sessions with her two days per week. These students then performed their clinical evaluations at the Morrison Nursing Home. All six students completed the course and nurse Ennis is very proud of them all. Kim is looking forward to having another class this fall.

"Littleton Regional Healthcare is fortunate to have Kim Ennis as part of our Intensive Care nursing staff. Kim had previously worked on LRH's Medical Surgical Unit before transitioning to the Intensive Care Unit. Kim is an asset to Littleton Regional Healthcare, no matter where she performs her nursing duties. Its nurses, like Kim, who continue to grow within the nursing profession and go on to share her knowledge by becoming an instructor, that exemplifies true excellence in our nursing staff. We're very proud of Kim and happy she's part of our team." states Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer, Linda Gilmore.

For more information on Littleton Regional Healthcare, contact Linda Gilmore, RN, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer at 603-444-9280.

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