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Littleton Regional Healthcare Team Promotes the Need for Advance Directives

September 23, 2015

Littleton, NH, - Littleton Regional Healthcare is excited to announce the formation of an Advance Directives Task Force. The Interdisciplinary team members have come together to brainstorm ways to increase the number of community members that have Advance Directives in place that describe their wishes regarding healthcare. Advance Directives provide instruction for caregivers when the person is not able to speak for themselves. The documents can describe personal wishes, as well as name a person authorized to make healthcare decisions on behalf on the individual if they are unable to do so.

LRH Advance Directives Task Force
Advance Directives Task Force

The team is creating a variety of outreach methodologies to educate and assist with completion of the documents across our communities. Copies of the forms are available on the hospital Website, or by calling the LRH Case Management Department at (603) 444-9045. Any of our team members or your provider would be happy to assist you with completion of these documents.

For more information on Littleton Regional Healthcare, contact Linda Gilmore, RN, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer at (603) 444-9280.

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