Nurses at Littleton Regional Healthcare Earn National Board Certifications

January 27, 2016

Littleton, NH, - Littleton Regional Healthcare is proud to announce that Emily Kelly, APRN and Marla Casella, RNC-OB have obtained their IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) certifications. The IBCLC credential identifies a knowledgeable and experienced member of the maternal-child health team who has passed an examination of their specialized skills in breastfeeding management and care.

Emily Kelly, APRN and Marla Casella, RNC-OB
left: Emily Kelly, APRN || right: Marla Casella, RNC-OB

National board certification validates expertise and recognizes a nurse's commitment to professional development. It is an objective, measurable way of acknowledging the achievement of specialty knowledge beyond basic nursing preparation and RN licensure.

Littleton Regional Healthcare applauds these two valued nurses for taking the extra steps required to validate their knowledge and skills, and feels fortunate to have such dedicated nurses at its facility.

Emily completed her BSN in 2000 from Colby-Sawyer College and MSN from the University of Cincinnati in 2009. She began working at LRH in 2001, and since 2010, has been working as a board certified Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner at North Country Women's Health. Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consults are required to renew, with continuing education, every 5 years and retest by exam every 10 years. Emily first passed her IBCLC boards in 2005, and has successfully passed her IBCLC re-certification exam.

Marla Casella, RNC-OB is a graduate of Simmons College and the White Mountain Community College. She has been a registered nurse for 10 years, specializing in obstetrics for the last 8 years. Marla joined the birthing center at LRH in 2014 and coordinates the lactation and childbirth education program at LRH. Marla successfully passed the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant exam in July.

For more information about nursing opportunities at Littleton Regional Healthcare, please contact Linda Gilmore, Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Administrative Officer at (603) 444-9280.

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