LRH Family Support Team Named Volunteer Group Award Recipient

November 15, 2016

Littleton, NH - On Thursday, October 20, 2016 the Littleton Regional Healthcare Family Support Team was selected as the winner of the Volunteer Group Award at the New Hampshire Association of Hospital Auxiliaries and Volunteers Annual Meeting in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The mission of this association is,"to help educate auxilians/volunteers on what is happening at the state level in healthcare." It also provides an opportunity to share ideas on recruiting, retention, and recognition, as well as fundraising and gift shops. The New Hampshire Association of Hospital Auxiliaries and Volunteers recognizes the important work that auxilians/volunteers do. Two awards are presented at the Annual Meeting: The Auxilian/Volunteer of the Year Award and The Volunteer Group Award for Outstanding Auxiliary/Volunteer Program."

Littleton Regional Healthcare Family Support Team
Members of the LRH Family Support Team

As part of Littleton Regional Healthcare's continued efforts to provide exceptional patient and family centered care to the communities served by LRH, the hospital implemented a Family Support Team on September 1, 2009.

LRH believes sudden, unexpected critical illness, injury or death to be a traumatic event with far reaching impact for all significant others in the patient's life. Immediate and long‐term support, resource information, referral and ongoing communication during the processes of critical illness, recovery and bereavement can assist loved ones to survive the health crisis and/or death of a patient at Littleton Regional Healthcare. These resources can help loved ones begin moving forward after a tragic event.

It is in keeping with the mission, vision and core values of Littleton Regional Healthcare that LRH provides the program, training, and ongoing support of skilled volunteers to make these resources readily available to and accessible by families of our patients. These individuals form the Littleton Regional Healthcare Family Support Team, assisting members of the community through sudden, unexpected loss and life change.

The Family Support Team provides support to the families and loved ones of our patients in two very distinct ways. First, in-hospital support is provided by volunteers who serve as a quiet presence for families to lean on, and who help orient loved-ones to our facility, assist the family in accessing resources and serve as a family liaison to the clinical staff. Secondly, Family Support Team volunteers help coordinate bereavement resources for families experiencing a loss at our facility, including providing survivors with information about support groups and other community resources to help with their grief.

Kris van Bergen, Assistant Director of Quality Services at Littleton Regional Healthcare and Family Support Team Coordinator, was presented the Volunteer Group Award on behalf of all members of the hospitals' Family Support Team. Linda Morris, President of the New Hampshire Association of Hospital Auxiliaries and Volunteers, presented Kris with this award at the event. Also in attendance at the Annual Meeting from Littleton Regional Healthcare was Amy Mancini, Volunteer Director and LRH Auxiliary Board Member; Cindy Mitchell, LRH Auxiliary President; Maggie Starr, LRH Auxiliary Board Member and Gift Shop Manager, and Barbara Langworthy, LRH Auxiliary Board Member and Treasurer.

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