LRH Physician Practice Call Center Opens - LRH Links

May 9, 2017

Littleton, NH - The Littleton Regional Healthcare Senior Leadership Team and Medical Staff are pleased to announce the opening of our "LRH Links" Physician Practice Call Center. The LRH Links Call Center will serve LRH patients by improving access to physician and advanced practice provider appointments and services. Patients will find it easier to schedule appointments with their physician or advanced practice provider, connect with clinical staff, or contact the prescription refill line. Referral coordinators who can assist with physician and patient referral requests are part of the LRH Links team.

Back row left to right: Mary Keddy, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Courtney Daniels, Executive Administrative Assistant & Project Coordinator; Holly Olcott, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Linda Gilmore, Senior Vice President of Physician Practices & Ambulatory Services; Katelyn Carpenter, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Jane Lucas, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Crystal Clarke; Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Front row left to right: Alissa Dufour, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Diane Thompson, Switchboard & Referral Coordinator; Angie Roden, Prescription Refill Coordinator

LRH Links also support team members at each office to allow a greater focus on patient care. The office team will be able to greet patients, provide education and meet patient and family needs more efficiently.

Linda Gilmore, Sr. Vice President of Physician Practices and Ambulatory Services states, "We are so pleased to put this service in place. Our goal is to see an increase in patient and physician satisfaction by making the process of scheduling appointments easier and more efficient. Patient care is our number one priority. Patients may not even be aware of the change when they call in to schedule an appointment, but we will ensure that we are doing our best to make scheduling an appointment easier. This will allow the staff in our physician offices to focus on you, our patients."

The LRH Links Call Center will be open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During non-business hours, an answering service will continue to cover incoming calls within our primary care and specialty practices. Patients can expect to receive a call within 30 minutes from the physician on call. If there is not a physician on call for that service, the patient will be given that information during the call with the answering service.

If you are already a patient, or wish to join our primary care family, please call LRH Links at (603) 575-6200 and a member of the team will be able to assist you in accessing the care you need. If you would like a new referral to see one of our specialty physicians or advanced practice providers, please call (603) 575-6200 to speak with a referral coordinator.

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