Littleton Regional Healthcare Presents Nursing Excellence Award

May 18, 2017

Littleton, NH, - Littleton Regional Healthcare was honored to present Heather Newfield, RN, with its fifth annual Nursing Excellence Award. Ms. Newfield exemplifies the traits of compassion and nursing care excellence that is the hallmark of the recipients of this award.

The LRH Nursing Excellence Award was presented to Heather during this year's Nurses Week celebrations and is presented annually to a nurse that best embodies this level of excellence in nursing care and compassion.

"As nurse leaders at LRH, we look around and see nurses practicing outstanding care every day and we are thankful to be surrounded by such skill and compassion in our care team. Yet even among our outstanding nursing professionals, there are some with a dedication to the profession that rises above expectations. When the nurse managers discuss Heather Newfield, their descriptions include - exudes enthusiasm and energy, positive, caring attitude towards patients, their families, her peers, she is a strong example of nursing excellence - we admire and respect her. Heather is an asset to LRH and it is a pleasure to work with her.

When you watch Heather Newfield provide nursing care, you know you are watching nursing excellence, in action. On behalf of the Nursing Leadership team, it is our honor to present this year's Nursing Excellence award to Heather Newfield, RN. We are fortunate to have her here at Littleton Regional Healthcare," states Koren Superchi, RNC, MSN, and Vice President of Inpatient Care Services.

For more information on Littleton Regional Healthcare, contact Koren Superchi, RNC, MSN, and Vice President of Inpatient Care Services at 603-444-9268.

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