LRH Hosts 42nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Event

July 14, 2017

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) recently held its 42nd Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. This year's theme for the dinner was a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" from "Alice in Wonderland" - honoring LRH's many "tea-rrific" volunteers for their enthusiastic support of the hospital. The rooms were adorned with various creative decorations based on the theme.

LRH Volunteer and Auxilian, Laurie Morgan (right), is presented the Julia M. Fogg Founder's Award by Amy Mancini (center), Volunteer Director, and Jeanne Madden (left), daughter of the late Jewel Fogg.

The appetizers were donated by the combined contributions of over 40 hospital employees and physicians, and the dinner service was prepared by Juergen Spagolla and the hospital's Food and Nutrition Department. Over 17 hospital employees served as wait staff at the event and the Facilities Department helped with the setup and cleanup at the banquet.

LRH volunteer, Laurie Morgan, was vital to the success of the banquet. Event help was also received from Barbara Bliss and Ketha LaSalle. Photographs and the photo station were managed by Gail Clark, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, and Katelyn Murray, Administrative Assistant. Hospital employees Deb Wiggett, Heidi Scholefield, Colette Haywood, Scarlett Denman and Jami Denman helped with registration and distributing the awards.

Each volunteer received a gift card when checking into the event and were then treated to delicious appetizers and a formal dinner. Following dinner Amy Mancini, Volunteer Director, who dressed as the "Queen of Hearts" welcomed the volunteers and asked for a moment of silence to remember five deceased members of the Volunteer Program that passed away this last year. This included Ralph Aldrich, Barbara "Bobbie" Barrand, Marian Edmunds, Clayton Herbert and Stephanie Moskal. A memorial table was setup at the event in their honor.

LRH Volunteers, Steve and Chick Jordan (left), are presented the Peg and Gene Clark Award by Gene Clark, Caryn Clark and Debi Clark-Valentine (center and right), in honor of their parents, Peg and Gene Clark.

Roger Gingue, Vice Chairman of the LRH Board of Trustees, started the evening off by offering his sincere gratitude to the volunteers for their efforts at LRH. Bob Nutter, LRH President, went on to creatively thank the volunteers and also announce numerous statistics about the program, including how LRH has over 240 volunteers; that volunteers donated over 20,000 hours over the past year; that the Complementary Therapy Program logged over 30 hours of pet therapy; made over 600 patient visits; had over 263 reiki sessions; 53 massage and aroma therapy sessions; 21 guided meditation sessions and 70 music therapy sessions. Nutter also noted that the Family Support Team had 25 calls to service.

Mancini then proceeded to award pins for cumulative hours and years of volunteering. Volunteers receiving their 100 hour pins included Michael Adam, Geraldine Berger, Marion Daignault, Barry Demers, Maggie Farrell, Caitlin O'Brien, Suzanne Pellerin, Lucy Peloquin, Janet Roy, Rachel Sanborn, Florian Seaman, Beverly Stanton and Susan Strong. 500 hour pins were awarded to Stella Burrington, Chick Jordan, Judi Lavin and Marie Norton.

Receiving 1,000 pins were Barbara Bliss, Sandra Blodgett, Dan Cullen, George Kirk, Susan Kraabel and Tom Marshall. Receiving their 1,500 hour pins were Amy Bahr, Cindy Davis, Steve Jordan, Elaine Marshall, Daphne McDonald, Carrie Morrill and Donna Wright. 2,000 hour pins went to Nancy Collins, Nancy Hartshorn, Beryl Klahre, Reg LaFlam, Maggie Starr and Jean Thompson. Nancy MacNeil and Helen Quinney were the recipients of their 3,000 hour pins.

Receiving their 10 year pins were Priscilla Deane, Faye Jennings, Beryl Klahre, Sandy Lozeau, Laurie Morgan, Carrie Morrill, Kathy Somerville, Maggie Starr and Mary Williams. 15 year pins were award to Amy Bahr and Maria Hynes. Deb Lehmann was the recipient of her 25 year pin.

Next came the special awards segment of the program that awarded volunteers based on the banquets "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" theme. There were 11 special awards, including the "Alice Award" that recognized a volunteer for being polite, honest, well-spoken and adventurous like the character. During this presentation over 50 volunteers were awarded for their efforts.

Jeanne Madden joined Mancini in presenting the "Julia M. Fogg Founder's Award" in memory of Jewel Fogg, founder of the Volunteer Program at LRH. This award is presented to the individual that best demonstrates the qualities and attributes essential to the founding and support of the Volunteer Program: care, compassion, leadership, community service and inspiration. LRH volunteer, Laurie Morgan, was the 2017 recipient of this award.

The final award of the evening was presented by Debi Clark-Valentine, Gene Clark and Caryn Clark in memory of their parents, Peg and Gene Clark, who were longtime volunteers at LRH. This year's recipients of the "Peg and Gene Clark Award" were Steve and Chick Jordan, for their dedication to service and the many hours of volunteer time donated to the hospital as well as to their local community.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Littleton Regional Healthcare, please call Amy Mancini, Volunteer Director, at (603) 444-9207.

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