National CRNA Week Reveals How Nurse Anesthetists Are There

January 19, 2018

Littleton, NH- Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) across the country will educate the public on how they make a difference to their patients and the U.S. healthcare system during the 19th annual National CRNA Week observance January 21-27, 2018.

This year's theme, "We Are There," reflects how CRNAs dedicate themselves one patient at a time. Here at LRH, the department of anesthesiology employs a highly skilled, dedicated and caring staff of CNRAs that specialize in providing anesthesia care before, during and after surgical procedures.

As a department, their primary responsibility is to ensure the safe and comfortable passage throughout the surgical experience; offering general, regional and monitored anesthesia, including deep sedation and/or analgesia, as well as anesthesia for labor.

"Our patients and their safe journey through surgery is our priority," states Kevin Seale, MS, CRNA, Chief of the Department of Anesthesia at LRH. "We care for them at a very vulnerable time in their life and it is an honor to provide safe, quality anesthesia for all of our patients, one patient at a time. We are there for our patients every breath and every beat, dedicated to providing the highest quality of anesthesia care to this community. We are caring for America."

More than 50,000 CRNAs provide approximately 43 million anesthetics to patients in the United States each year, delivering the same safe, high-quality anesthesia care as other anesthesia professionals but at a lower cost, helping to control the nation's rising healthcare costs.

For more information about the role and value of CRNAs, visit the AANA's website, and The Future of Anesthesia Care Today campaign website.

Left to right: Jaren Vandenbroek, MS, CRNA; Hilary Seymour, MSNA, CRNA; Barry Townsend, MSNA, CRNA; Kevin Seale, MS, CRNA, Chief of Anesthesia; Michelle (Shelly) Hannon, CRNA; Sharon Bolton, MSNA, CRNA; Beth Guckin, MSNA, CRNA

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