Philemon A. LaPlante - Artwork Displayed at LRH

July 3, 2019

Philemon A. LaPlantePhilemon A. LaPlante

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to display the beautiful paintings and artwork of Philemon A. LaPlante, a resident of Littleton, NH. Patients and visitors to LRH can now enjoy Phil's artwork, which is displayed in the hallway and waiting area next to Suite C - Neurology Associates and DHMC Dermatology.

Phil started painting after his retirement in 2017. Phil had a desire to learn how to paint and with the help of a close friend, who is an artist, began his journey on the art of acrylic painting.

Phil has painted over 125 subjects and is learning something new on every project. He enjoys the thrill of starting with a blank canvas and discovering what will develop into a finished painting. Phil is amazed and enriched at the completion of every piece and that is what keeps him interested in his work. Phil hopes that others will enjoy his paintings and that is his inspiration to continue on his newfound love of creation and expression.

Littleton Regional Healthcare encourages visitors to take time to enjoy the paintings that are displayed in the hallway leading through Neurology and Dermatology. Anyone interested in purchasing a painting should contact the LRH Marketing & Community Relations Department by calling 603.444.9304 or email

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