Gregory Aprilliano Receives Certification in Non-Surgical Pain Management

July 29, 2020

Littleton, NH - Littleton Regional Hospital and the Alpine Pain Management Center is pleased to announce that Greg Aprilliano, CRNA, MSNA, APRN, NSPM-C has successfully achieved the distinction of certification in Non-Surgical Pain Management (NSPM-C) by the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists.

Greg Aprilliano, CRNA, MSNA, APRN, NSPM-C
Alpine Pain Center's Greg Aprilliano, CRNA, MSNA, APRN, NSPM-C

The NSPM-C credential is a voluntary subspecialty certification for nurse anesthetists. The NSPM-C program measures the knowledge, skills, and abilities of certified registered nurse anesthetists for practice in the field of pain management. It requires advanced, subspecialty knowledge and training beyond that required for initial certification of nurse anesthetists.

This credential has been earned by fewer than 80 certified nurse anesthetists nationwide and represents dedicated effort and study in the various areas of comprehensive pain management.

For more information about the pain management services at Littleton Regional Healthcare, please visit or call Alpine Pain Center at 603.444.9055.

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