Patient Financial Assistance

Littleton Regional Healthcare offers free or discounted care to patients who may qualify for financial assistance.

Applying for Financial Assistance

To request financial assistance, patients or their representative must complete an application and provide certain information that outlines their financial status, such as:

  • The patient’s family income
  • Whether all other means of payment have been tried
  • Other circumstances that may affect the patient’s ability to pay for care

Please call Customer Service for more information or download the following documents:

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Accepted Insurances

If you have questions regarding your personal insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly. Your insurance company will be able to tell you if they cover specific procedures and treatments.

Please Note:

If you are participating in a managed care plan, written referrals from your primary care provider (PCP) are required for any services that your PCP does not cover.

If your health plan does require a co-payment, this payment is expected at the time of your service.

Some procedures and treatment plans may result in an out-of-pocket expense.

Phone Numbers of Main Insurance Companies

Department of Health and Human Services District Offices – For New Hampshire Medicaid Patients Enrolled in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Program

  • Berlin Area: (603) 752-7800
  • Littleton Area: (603) 444-6786
  • Claremont Area: (603) 542-9544
  • Conway Area: (603) 447-3841

Charges and Estimates

For charges and estimates click here

My Bill

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.


You may schedule an appointment to discuss your account with a representative by calling (603) 259-7627.

Patient Cost Estimator


Effective January 1, 2019, federal regulations require all hospitals to post their chargemaster on their website. Please use the following link to download the chargemaster.

The following information is being provided in compliance with The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ‘Price Transparency Rule’. We acknowledge that certain required information is not currently available. We are making best efforts to provide this information as soon as possible.


The information provided is a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by a hospital, also known as a chargemaster, which Littleton Regional Healthcare posts on an annual basis. Standard charges shown in the chargemaster do not necessarily reflect what a patient ultimately pays for services and therefore may not be a helpful tool to estimate their out of pocket responsibility or to compare hospital costs. Because the chargemaster rates are updated periodically, patients should contact our patient financial services staff at 603.444.9560 for information about the cost of your care.

By clicking the link below I understand the above information.
For additional questions please call our financial counselor at 603.444.9560.

LRH Pricing Transparency → (link opens in new tab or window)

A chargemaster is a comprehensive list of standard charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by Littleton Regional Healthcare and its physician practices. Littleton Regional will post an updated chargemaster on an annual basis.

The charges listed on the chargemaster do not necessarily reflect the price a patient will ultimately pay for services. The difference is due to a number of factors including service details, insurance coverage, billing adjustments, and other considerations. The chargemaster, therefore, may not be a helpful tool to estimate a patient’s out of pocket responsibility or to compare hospital costs.

Littleton Regional Healthcare encourages patients to contact our patient financial services staff at (603) 444-9560 for information about the cost of their specific care.


NH Health Cost

NH Health Cost
Providing price transparency of health care services in New Hampshire

Contact Us

  • Insurance Questions:
    (603) 259-7627
  • Billing Questions:
    (603) 259-7627
  • Fee Quotes or Estimates:
    (603) 444-9560
  • Financial Assistance:
    (603) 444-9560

The Patient Financial Services Department is responsible for billing, collections, and customer service. This department is located at:

Littleton Regional Hospital
600 St. Johnsbury Road
Littleton, NH 03561

Contact Information:

Customer Service


Jami Moss
Financial Counselor
Located in the Hospital Lobby

Barb Daigneault
Assistant Director

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