Marketing and Community Relations

The Marketing and Community Relations Department at LRH is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective communication processes (internal and external) in support of Littleton Regional Healthcare’s goals and marketing objectives.

The Marketing and Community Relations Department provides information to patients, visitors and the public via many mediums including LRH’s annual report, LRH Facts, LRH Community Report Card, press releases, radio ads, website, and other media outlets.

The Marketing and Community Relations Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call 603.444.9304 for additional information.

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Young patients at Littleton Regional Healthcare are often times afraid to come to the hospital. We offer Teddy Bear Clinics to help you young patients learn about a visit to the hospital to help lessen any fears they might have.

If you would like to bring your children in for a Teddy Bear Clinic, please call our Marketing and Community Relations Department at (603) 444-9304

Contact Info

Gail P. Clark, Director
Marketing and Community Relations
(603) 444-9304

Heather McKean, Marketing Manager
(603) 444-9355

Amy Austin, COVID Communications Specialist
(603) 575-6233