Neurology is the scientific study of the nervous system, especially with respect to its structure, functions, and abnormalities. Neurology is a branch of health science that deals with the nervous system, both normal and in disease.

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The EEG Lab at Littleton Regional Healthcare offers advanced neurodiagnostic testing provided by well-trained and experienced personnel.

The EEG (electroencephalogram or ‘brain wave test’) is critical in the diagnosis of seizures, staring spells, unexplained fainting spells, and confusional states. The EEG also aids in the diagnosis and management of other neurological problems such as; headaches, head injuries, strokes and memory loss. We regularly perform and interpret both adult and pediatric EEG’s.

The EEG lab also offers Evoked Potential testing. These tests are useful to evaluate the nervous system pathways of vision (VEP or Visual Evoked Potential), hearing (BAEP or Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential) or sensation (SEP or Somatosensory Evoked Potential). Evoked Potential testing is predominantly used to evaluate nerve disorders.

An EEG, (sometimes called a brain wave test), records the electrical activity of the brain. Sensitive monitoring equipment records the brain’s activity through electrodes placed on a patient’s scalp. The test is done with the patient lying down and is painless. The EEG usually takes about 90 minutes.


1. Go to the main hospital entrance. Report to the admitting office in the hospital lobby fifteen minutes before your appointment time. They will process your paperwork and let the technologist know you have arrived.

2. Your scalp must be clean. Wash your hair either the night before, or the morning of the test. Do not use hairspray, gels, etc.

3. Bring a list of all medications you are taking.

4. Take medication as usual, UNLESS your physician instructed you otherwise.

5. Eat a normal breakfast or lunch.

6. Wear loose, comfortable clothing – you will be lying down.

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