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This serves as notification of a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) breach that occurred at Littleton Regional Healthcare on January 2, 2024. An unsecured email was inadvertently sent to an individual that contained the names and birth dates of a number of patients. This individual who received the email contacted LRH the same day. LRH immediately confirmed that the recipient deleted the email. Upon review, LRH determined that the email contained no other personal information, such as social security numbers, health plan information, email addresses, or medical records. We have no reason to believe this individual intends to misuse the disclosed information. Patients’ personal information was not published or shared beyond the inadvertent email, nor was the information stolen or “hacked” by an unauthorized user.

LRH immediately investigated the incident and determined that over 500 patients’ names were involved. LRH has implemented corrective action with the appropriate employees and has reviewed the relevant operational systems to prevent such disclosures in the future.  As part of LRH’s ongoing commitment to information security, all relevant policies and procedures are being reviewed, and additional training is being conducted to reduce the likelihood of a similar event occurring in the future.

LRH remains deeply committed to maintaining the privacy of its patients. LRH strongly encourages all patients to remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud and to monitor their free credit reports for suspicious activity. The patients impacted by the breach are being notified by mail. A copy of the letter and resources available to those affected are available within the attachment found below. Any patients with questions or concerns should utilize the toll-free number and/or website provided in the letter.

Please direct any media inquiries about the incident to Heather McKean, LRH’s Director of Marketing, Communications, and Community Development, by calling (603) 444-9355 or emailing hmckean@lrhcares.org.

Sample Patient Letter March 1, 2024

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