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Littleton Regional Healthcare is pleased to recognize seven staff members who recently became Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMA). Additionally, three individuals earned their certification last year. All ten

Ashlie Dellinger (left) and Lindsey Bergeron (right)

CCMAs achieved this professional milestone with the assistance of Littleton Regional Healthcare and provide direct patient care throughout various departments at LRH.

Through Littleton Regional Healthcare’s well-established “Grow-Your-Own” Medical Assistant Program, staff participate in a 12-week intensive program, including receiving extensive hands-on clinical experience alongside existing clinical staff and completing online training developed by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). The NHA’s program is a flexible, high-quality learning solution that helps train new hires and upskill current staff in relevant competencies. LRH offers a similar program for Surgical Technologists in its Perioperative Services Department that was structured based on the MA program’s success.

(left to right) Lianna Hawthorne, McKenzie Grima, Lisa McHugh, and Jennifer Bean

Both programs at LRH were developed at a time when vacancies in these specific areas were at all-time highs. Not only do the programs support non-clinical staff in transitioning into clinical roles, but they also benefit existing clinical staff and further support LRH’s recruitment and retention efforts. Medical Assistants play an important role in healthcare operations, from patient care to administrative duties.

“The dedication of those who enroll in these programs is evident,” noted Hannah Hubbard, RN, LRH’s Clinical Education Supervisor. “They are committed to learning and advancing themselves professionally,” she added. Hannah oversees the progress of those enrolled in the program and provides the skills lab training throughout the program. “The programs are available to both new hires and existing staff, but it is a serious commitment that involves at least eight hours a week in online course work plus the clinical and administrative tasks in their respective departments,” added Hubbard. She shared that she has seen individuals with backgrounds in pharmacy, banking, food service, and others enroll and successfully complete the program.

Kortney Coons (left) and Kimberly Hiltz (right)

LRH’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer, Koren Superchi, RN, MSN, FACHE, elaborated on what the programs mean to LRH. “We mean it when we say our workforce, our people, are our greatest asset, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to support them if they wish to begin a new career path,” Superchi noted. “It is incredible to see the support from fellow staff members when a colleague of theirs has taken this leap of faith to learn new skills and start this journey,” she added.

To learn more about Littleton Regional Healthcare’s Grow-Your-Own Programs, contact the Education Department at LRH by calling (603) 575-6018.


Photo 1: Ashlie Dellinger (left) and Lindsey Bergeron (right)

Photo 2: (left to right) Lianna Hawthorne, McKenzie Grima, Lisa McHugh, and Jennifer Bean

Photo 3: Kortney Coons (left) and Kimberly Hiltz (right)

Missing from photos are Victoria Footit and Kara Weaver

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