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Littleton, NH – Littleton Regional Healthcare’s (LRH) Meds To Beds Program began in late 2018. This program makes it easy for patients who will soon be discharged to take new medications once they leave the hospital. Before a patient leaves LRH, a team of nurses, a social worker, and discharge coordinators creates a plan for each patient. Since 2018, this team includes a pharmacist. Having an in-house retail pharmacy allows the pharmacy to hand-deliver medications right to the patient’s bedside. This also gives the pharmacist the chance to teach the patient and family member or caregiver about the medications. Patients are more apt to take meds the right way when they know how and when to take them. Bedside delivery of meds gives patients a chance to ask questions in the comfort of their room. LRH put this program in place in keeping with its patient-centered focus. Leaving the hospital can be very hard on patients, loved ones, and caregivers. LRH is always looking at ways to improve the patient experience. Studies are showing lower readmission rates when hospitals have Meds To Beds programs. These programs ensure patients receive and understand how to take the medications.

This service is available to all patients using LRH’s same day surgery, or are receiving care in one of the inpatient units (Med-Surg, Maternity, and ICU). Meds To Beds is available Monday-Friday from 10am to 4pm. If patients prefer, they can also send their caregiver to the retail pharmacy in the LRH Medical Office Building to pick up the medication.

According to Damian Canuto, Manager of North Country Pharmacy at LRH, patients are very happy with this service. Transitioning home is stressful. This program makes it very easy for patients to receive all of their discharge medication (both prescription and over the counter) before leaving the hospital. They also appreciate speaking with a pharmacist and getting answers to medication questions. This professional service is another example of LRH’s commitment to its patients.

To learn more about this service or for questions, please call 603.444.9024.

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