LRH Hosts 45th Annual Volunteer Recognition Event

Littleton Regional Healthcare recently held its 45th Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. This year’s theme for the dinner was “You’re an important piece of the puzzle.” – honoring LRH’s many dedicated volunteers for their role in being part of the LRH team. The rooms were adorned with various quotations honoring the volunteers and demonstrating how important they are at LRH, and large floor puzzles with each piece featuring a picture of one of the volunteers. 
More than 10 hospital employees served as wait staff at the event and the Facilities Department helped with the setup and cleanup at the banquet. LRH Board member and volunteer, Laurie Morgan made puzzle-themed decorations and pins and earrings for every volunteer who attended.  Volunteers Anna Rioux, Maggie Starr, and Lena Hemenway helped with set-up and registration. 
Each volunteer received an LRH puzzle when checking into the event and was then treated to a formal dinner prepared by the LRH Food & Nutrition Department. Gail Clark, Director of Marketing, Community Relations and Volunteer Services welcomed the volunteers and asked for a moment of silence to remember volunteers who have passed away in the last two years. This included Reverend Thomas Campbell, Daniel Cullen, Mary Ann Duranty, Jenny Fox, Shirley Lewis, Rita McLeod, and Heidi Morrison.  A memorial table was set up at the event to honor the memory of those we lost. 
Jeff Woodward, Board Chair of the LRH Board of Trustees, started the evening off by offering his sincere gratitude to the volunteers for all of their efforts at LRH. Robert Nutter, President  & CEO, went on to thank the volunteers for their unwavering dedication to the program during these difficult times. Robert Nutter announced that the 70 volunteers provided more than 9,000 hours of service in the past year. Both mentioned how much the volunteers bring “life” to LRH and how empty it felt without their presence during the peak COVID outbreak. LRH suspended volunteer services during the initial phase of the pandemic, bringing some back on board in the spring of 2021. 
Gail Clark announced award recipients pins for cumulative hours and years of volunteering. Volunteers receiving their 100-hour pins included Pam Abernathy and Mary Ragusa. 500-hour pins were awarded to Deb McKenzie, Mary Ragusa, Barbie Beck-Wilczek, Nancy Hadfield, Beverly Bettencourt, Lena Hemenway, Pauline German, and Bill Cole. 
Receiving a 1,000-hour pin was Brian Bain. 1,500-hour pins were awarded to Sandra Blodgett, Lorraine Fougere, Susan Kraabel, Judi Lavin, Tom Marshall, Lilo Rheinstein, and Toni Thomas. 
Receiving their 2,000-hour pin, George Kirk and Mike Miscio. Deb Lehmann and Mike Miscio received their 2,500-hour pins. And Laurie Morgan received her 3,000-hour pin.   
Receiving their 5-year pin were Lynda McNamara and Robert Schrader.  Receiving their 10-year pins were Lorraine Fougere, Toni Thomas, Grace Bigelow, George Kirk, and Anna Rioux. Laurie Morgan, Kathy Somerville, and Maggie Starr received 15-year pins. Receiving her 20-year pin was Nancy MacNeil and 25-year pin was Deb Lehmann.  
The next group of volunteers receiving awards was for the top ten volunteers who volunteered the most hours in the past year included: Mike Miscio, Lilo Rheinstein, William Cole, Pauline German, Lena Hemenway, Beverly Bettencourt, Doug Hadfield, Deb McKenzie, Judi Lavin, and Laurie Morgan. 
Next came the special awards segment of the program. Deb McKenzie was awarded the Problem Solver Award; The Teamwork Award was awarded to Patty Howard and Dottie Herbert. The Fitting in Award was given to Lilo Rheinstein and the Essential Piece Award was given to Pauline German. The Piece Management Award was given to David Morency and the Holding it All Together Award was given to Dr. Richard and Sandy Monroe.

Two major awards are given out annually.

Gene and Caryn Clark presented the Peg & Gene Clark award in memory of their parents who were longtime, dedicated volunteers at LRH. This year’s recipients were Doug and Nancy Hadfield of Littleton, who received the award because of their dedication to service and the many hours of volunteer time donated to the LRH and the LRH Auxiliary. 
Jeanne Madden, daughter of the late Jewel Fogg who founded the LRH Volunteer Program 45 years ago, awarded the Jewel Fogg Award to Mike Miscio for his dedication, compassion, and commitment to Littleton Regional Healthcare.  Jewel Fogg had a vision of how a volunteer program at Littleton Regional Healthcare would benefit patients, visitors, and the community.  Today, 45 years later, LRH remembers Jewel Fogg with this prestigious award. 
Caryn and Gene Clark present the Gene & Peg Clark award to Doug and Nancy Hadfield. The Gene and Peg Clark award is given annually to a deserving couple who demonstrate the same traits that Gene and Peg Clark did for so many years. There was nothing that Gene or Peg would do for LRH. For many, many years patients and visitors to LRH could expect a warm welcome from both of them as they entered the hospital. Jewel Fogg and Gene and Peg Clark began their many years of volunteering at LRH in the former hospital campus on Cottage Street in Littleton and continued that tradition for many more years at the LRH campus on St, Johnsbury Road.
Mike Miscio, LRH Volunteer pictured beside Jeanne Madden, daughter of Jewel Fogg who founded the LRH Volunteer Program 45 years ago. Mike Miscio was awarded this prestigious award for his countless volunteer hours and his commitment to Littleton Regional Healthcare.

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