Littleton Regional Healthcare Announces Review of Compensation for All Positions with Starting Rate of Pay at $17.50

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Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) has announced the completion of its comprehensive Compensation Project which reviewed compensation for all positions at LRH in comparison to relevant, regional compensation data. The project aligns with its compensation philosophy, which was developed in 2019, and provides a well-defined structure that can consistently be compared against the market as well as be uniformly applied to both existing LRH employees and new employees joining its team.

LRH’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved Management’s recommendation of proceeding with this major investment earlier this year. LRH worked with an independent, third-party compensation consultant to complete a market analysis and developed a strategy for its compensation program. Compensation is a very complex discipline. This detailed analysis began in April and continued through early June. All pay grades for all positions for LRH’s 500+ workforce members underwent review, resulting in substantial revisions to rates of pay throughout the organization and impacting the largest sectors at LRH such as nursing staff and frontline service workers. The process took into consideration experience, competencies, and performance contributions with the objectives of external competitiveness, internal fairness, and transparency. The strategy developed includes a new wage structure that increases LRH’s starting rate of pay to $17.50 per hour, which serves as the foundation for newly set salary grades that exceed market-based ranges. These changes were applied across all of LRH to maintain internal equity while still being able to offer very competitive wages to new hires.

LRH President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Nutter, noted, “This overhaul of our compensation program supports LRH’s position as the market leader in compensation and benefits in the North Country.” LRH is confident that this initiative, combined with its new benefits package launched earlier this year, will play an important role in its recruitment and retention efforts. “This program is an investment in our greatest asset – our people. I am honored to work alongside these extraordinary individuals at LRH,” Nutter added.

Littleton Regional Healthcare is actively recruiting for a variety of positions, including clinical and non-clinical areas. For a complete list of employment opportunities, please visit

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