Effective January 1, 2019, federal regulations require all hospitals to post their chargemaster on their website. The following information is being provided in compliance with The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ‘Price Transparency Rule’. We acknowledge certain required information is not currently available. We are making our best efforts to provide this information as soon as possible.

LRH Pricing Transparency (1 MB MS Excel file)

A chargemaster is a comprehensive list of standard charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by Littleton Regional Healthcare and its physician practices. Littleton Regional Healthcare will post an updated chargemaster annually.

Charges listed on the chargemaster do not necessarily reflect the price a patient will ultimately pay for services. The difference is because of several factors, including service details, insurance coverage, billing adjustments, and other considerations. The chargemaster, therefore, may not be a helpful tool to estimate a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility or to compare hospital costs.

LRH patients can view a charge cost estimate for services by using our online Patient Estimator to enter information about a service and view the cost charge estimate online.

Littleton Regional Healthcare encourages patients to contact our patient financial services staff at (603) 444-9560 for information about the cost of their specific care.

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