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Women's Healthcare Conference
25th Annual Women's Healthcare Conference
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Sepsis Sepsis Awareness
Due to the recent passing of actress, Patty Duke, due to complications from Sepsis, we wanted to share information to make everyone aware of this sometimes deadly disease.
According to the CDC, the signs of sepsis can be broken down in a simple acronym:
S - Shivering, fever, or feeling very cold
E - Extreme pain or general discomfort, as in "worst ever"
P - Pale or discolored skin
S - Sleepy, difficult to wake up or confused
I - "I feel like I might die"
S - Shortness of breath
To learn more about Sepsis, please click here [434 KB pdf].
LRH Diabetes Education offered in Group Sessions
Littleton Regional Healthcare will offer Group Diabetes Education, a three month series in March, April and May. The program is open to anyone interested in receiving Diabetes Education. More info →